121 Mentoring


4 Week s.o.s

Work with me for 4 weeks. You will receive 4 x 90 minute 121 zoom calls, and unlimited support via email / Facebook messenger

Ongoing monthly

Work with me 121 on an ongoing basis. You will receive 1 x 90 minute 121 zoom call every month, PLUS 2 x 30 minute S.O.S calls per month, taken whenever you need them and unlimited support via email / Facebook messenger.

One off s.o.s call

These calls are perfect if you need help RIGHT NOW. Choose between either 60 minutes or 90 minute sessions

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What are you getting when you sign up for one of my 121 mentoring packages?

I know you are PASSIONATE about your business

I know you are OVERWHELMED right now

I also know you are working ALL OF THE TIME for little or no return


And... I also know you HAVE to keep going because you LOVE what you do & the people you work with. Giving up is NOT an option for you.

Throughout my business journey, I have invested in a number of business mentors who are a few steps ahead of me. It has been an important decision because it means I can talk things through with them so that I can grow and level-up by business. It’s one of the key things that has enabled me to go from working long hours in return for money, to where I am now generating a steady passive income, working with AMAZING women all over the globe.

Sometimes you just need someone in your corner who can share your struggles, ideas and plans with. Someone who can see things from a different angle and provide you with an honest insight and guidance.

Sometimes, you just need someone to bounce ideas off, someone who just gets it.

My 121 mentoring packages are IDEAL because I can brainstorm with you, answer any questions you have, listen to your ideas and give feedback. I’ll be your cheerleader, support you and be that shoulder you can lean on and talk things through with.

When you work with me, you’ll get…

Clear strategy

I will work with you to get super clear on who you are, who you want to work with, and pull together a clear strategy for running your business online


Guide you on how to have a clear and consistent online presence to call in your soul mate clients

Stressless tech

If there’s an element of your business you’re stuck on, I can guide you or help you with choosing the right technology so it’s not blocking your way

Live calls

Live zoom calls (frequency and amounts depends on if you choose 4 week mentoring or monthly)

Unlimited message support

You will get additional unlimited support through email and Facebook messenger (you can choose either or both), so that you feel fully supported, ALWAYS

Spaces are super limited

Because I want to give you the quality of service, I only take ONE 4 week mentoring client at any one time, and 4 monthly clients at any one time.


What my clients say about working with me

I’ve only been working with Kelly a few weeks, and I’ve achieved more in the last 2 weeks on moving my business forward than I have for the last 8 months! The reason – I’ve procrastinated for ages about a project, just because I wasn’t sure which technical tools would best help me achieve my goal. There was also a secondary fear I guess about whether, once I’d worked out what tools to use, I could manage to set them up correctly! However, one phone call to Kelly and everything got sorted. She listened to my plans, advised the best route for what I wanted to achieve, and is now helping me set it all up. She’s friendly, helpful, there to answer any questions – and extremely cost-effective. It’s fantastic having her help my business. My only regret – I wish I’d called Kelly sooner!

Colette Bratton

Marketing Expert, Marketing Angel

Hello ladies, I just wanted to share my win! I hired Kelly a few months ago to mentor me in all things tech as I’ve always had either my husband or an employee to do the tech side of business in my other company and I really wanted to feel empowered to do it for myself. When I started out in my new business a few months ago, I was terrified of going it alone. The stories I was telling myself about how I couldn’t do anything tech…honestly! And I’m a mindset coach!

honestly didn’t think I’d be able to do these things a couple of months ago. I’m an intelligent, educated person but I have (had!) such a block towards tech stuff. But Kelly’s really given me the confidence to get stuck in and you know what? It’s actually been pretty easy and (shock horror!) fun! So thank you Kelly Cairns!

If you’re finding yourself where I was a few months ago know that there is hope! It doesn’t have to be hard. Identify the stories you’re telling yourself about what you can and can’t do and CHALLENGE them! I bet they’re not true!

Tamsin Alsbury

Coach, She Minds Her Own Business

Are you ready?

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose the times of my calls?

Yes! Absolutely! you can go onto my online diary and choose the times that are suitable for you. It will automatically generate the zoom link and add it to your calendar.

How long will the calls last and will they be recorded?
Yes the calls will be recorded so that you have them to refer back to. The live calls will be on zoom and will last for 90 mins, or however long you feel that you need. 
Unless you’ve chosen the one off S.O.S calls then those are either 60 mins or 90 mins.
Is there a format to the calls?
I understand that everyone has different needs and struggles, therefore the calls are totally bespoke and will be driven by you.
We will talk through what’s working and what’s not, and we will work from there. 

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