10 Quick Tips For Writing Your Own eBook

Everyone has an ebook these days. Do you?

It’s a great way to build up your email list and also show your prospective customers that you know what you’re talking about, proving that you can talk the talk, not just walk the walk.

But if you’re a newbie at creating ebooks it can be quite a daunting task.

Here’s 10 tips that can really help you on your journey….

1 – Plan a Structure

If you’re writing a blog post then you can probably get away with making it up as you go along. With an eBook though, it really does pay to have at least a loose structure in mind first so spend some time planning this out.

2 – Read Other Books in Your Niche

This is a great way to get inspiration for your own ideas and to become better versed in the subject matter.

3 – Write Every Day

Writing that much content takes discipline. Make your aim to write everyday – even if you only write a paragraph that’s better than writing nothing at all.

4 – Add Images and Tables

If you want to add value to your eBook and you’re not sure about your writing quality, then adding images and tables is a great way to give your product more bang for the buck.

5 – Choose a Subject You Know

There’s no point in writing something you know nothing about. Pick a subject matter you’re an expert in – if that’s your career, then that’s fine!

6 – Choose a Subject You Enjoy

More important still, make sure that the subject you’re writing about is one you enjoy. That way you’ll be more motivated and your enthusiasm will come across in your writing.

7 – Pick a Small Niche

That said, writing a fitness book will mean going up against every other eBook author on the planet. Try to pick a niche that’s less saturated with a clear route to market.

8 – Get it Proofread

Even if you are the best writer in the world, it’s very difficult to spot your own typos and errors. Hire a proofreader to ensure absolute professionalism.

9 – Focus on the Value Proposition

Your value proposition is defined as the way in which your book is going to change the life of the person reading. Will they be richer? Stronger? Smarter? Famous? Focus on this and tie each point into that.

10 – Say Something New

Finally, make sure to say something new. Don’t just rehash old ideas – come up with something that’s completely your own!

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