4 Instagram Tools for Scheduling Your Instagram Posts

Instagram is a relatively new platform for business owners, and many are now just dipping their toes into trying it as an additional platform for their marketing activities.

However, like every other marketing choice, you need to be consistent and ensure you’re giving it as much attention as any other platform, and this means consistently posting to gather momentum and exposure for your brand.

So here are some scheduling tools that can help you stay on track.

1: Latergramme

You can use Latergramme to schedule posts from your pc/mac browser of download the app on your iPhone, unfortunately no android app at the minute. Latergramme

You can’t upload in bulk so it’s just on an individual picture. It also doesn’t actually post them for you automatically, it only allows you to schedule and organise. It will however send you a reminder at the scheduled time, which you can post via your Instagram App.

2: TakeOff

TakeOff is very similar to Latergramme, it also has an android app as well as an iPhone app. Yay! Again, you can only TakeOffschedule your posts it doesn’t actually post them for you. It also offers hashtag suggestions and will also recommend a time to post according to your followers activities. Super cool!

3: Schedugr.am

This unfortunately isn’t a free tool, however it does provide you with a free trial so you can sign up and test it out.Scheduegram

I like this one because not only does it schedule your posts but it will automatically send them out and also let you know via email when they’ve gone! AND! it manages multiple Instagram profiles which is great if you also manage accounts for clients.

4: Onlypult

Like Schedugr.am again it’s a paid tool, but you can sign up for a weeks trial to test is out. Onlypult

It manages multiple accounts, schedules and posts for you and also apply filters where needed.

It also allows you to have multiple administrators so great if you want more than one person in your organisation to post for you. Creating more brand awareness


I hope that helps you with your Instagram marketing activity.

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