What my clients say

“Kelly I am so grateful to you for your commitment over the last 3 weeks. You made my harmonizing.com website dream a reality. This is our second website built together (Kelly also built www.dawnbreslin.com) I cannot recommend you highly enough! And you are super affordable, you’ve just got to love that!

I feel very grateful to have you my team lovely.

Thank you. D xx”

Dawn Breslin

Coach, Harmonizing Coach, Harmonizing Coaching Academy

“Kelly is simply awesome! She makes everything simple. I struggled and struggled with various technical aspects of my business and Kelly just sorted it all out for me – no fussing around. She has been an absolute life saver when it comes to the mechanics of my business. She really understands what it takes to run a business and is so supportive and provides fantastic, straight forward advice. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kelly to anyone running a business.”

Annabel Roberts


“Kelly is an absolute dream to work with. I’d say I’m pretty techie savvy but I have my moments when it all goes wrong and I need someone to bail me out, and fast! Kelly is the calm in my techie chaos. She manages to restore balance to my business, not only takes the whole process over for me but also improves it, which gives me time to focus on the things that I’m good at. I can’t recommend her highly enough! She is fabulous!!!!”

I feel very grateful to have you my team lovely.

Thank you. D xx”

Ruby McGuire

Visibility Strategist & Minset Coach

Nicola Parker – Personal Trainer & Mental Health Coach

So roll back around a year or so. I had a wix website and a Facebook page with about 200 members. And an idea to have a membership club.

Then along came Kelly. I stumbled across her in a mums group and she talked about five top tips for a membership club. I thought she was warm, understanding and relatable. She felt like that friendly neighbour that you wish you had.

I joined her group. And then not long after her vip club. I then also joined her boost your biz group. Now I have a a WordPress site that looks professional, is informative and that I point to daily and use for my landing pages too. I had the tools the look thanks to her VIP club. My website and my Mailchimp where working like a well oiled machine.

But now I needed people to market to! I didn’t want to blow a load of money on Facebook ads. I had heard Kelly talk so many times about how she organically grew her Facebook group. During a VIP call Kelly and the other members helps me establish the difference between a page and group and I now had my own group too! So more to market to!


Then Kelly announced she was doing a boost your biz without Facebook ads course. There was no way I wasn’t being a part of it. My Facebook page is now almost 600. My group is getting close to 300 and my email list 200! I get interaction for the first time ever on posts daily. I get messages from people I don’t even realise are following me or who have seen me in a group. I have made my marketing be more on brand so they always know it’s me even just by my colours. I share content my audience need and wants. I had a comment just this morning, a member who has never interacted with me before yet told me how much she loves my group and how helpful my content is to her. I share my story. Kelly has told me from day 1 that what is unique about me, is me. And after months (and months) of her persevering. I started to share my story more in depth and I started to realise what she meant. Without the VIP club, boost your biz and the instagram freebie course Kelly recently did. My business would be stuck on a Wix website that wasn’t serving me and didn’t look any good, and with a few scattered members, who were most likely not even my soul mate clients.

Kelly is the key to my business and it’s success. She walks the walk and then talks the talk, and I am blessed to be able to work with her.

Ruth Heyerdahl – My Health & Wellness Corner

I was introduced to Kelly, even after joining her group, although I liked her immediately, I was slow getting over my distrust that others have instilled in me, but I knew right away that Kelly, although she might be Tech, was also my Tech Angel. She is always present in group. teaching, patient, caring…and then I realised I had to move forward. Take another chance.

I joined the VIP in December… I launched my FB Group.

My confidence has blossomed and I feel like I can whip a tiger blindfolded with two hands tied behind my back.

More client love


“What can I say about Kelly, well for one she is a true tech genius. I came to her with just a simple skeleton idea & in a short telephone conversation she was able to translate exactly what I had in mind instantly. She technically produced a website in under a week and was always one step ahead in my thought process asking intuitive questions to keep me on my toes. She actively found the best plugins for my business & showed me how to develop better systems which have saved me so much time. She is a lifesaver, always approachable and friendly at the end of an email. Extremely reliable and very results driven, which is great as a busy lady I know that I can rely on Kelly 100%. I would highly recommend her & I look forward to a long lasting relationship.”

Samantha Clarke

Zukuri Un Ltd

“During the past 11 years I have worked with a variety of web developers, PR reps and graphic designers. Kelly is one of the best online technology experts with whom I have worked. She is easy to communicate with, fast on her replies and faster on her results. While my colleagues spend thousands on websites, Kelly can produce a quality WordPress site in a week with graphic attributes and tech features that are superior to expensive sites.
Kelly develops, communicates, and distributes branded content like few others in her space. Kelly brings vision to action improving Facebook utility, Twitter design, graphic quality and brand representation. I recommend her highly and hope some corporation doesn’t come steal her for six figures, she’s that good.”

Lynne Kenney

The Family Coach

“For over a year Kelly has been responsible for ensuring a steady stream of social media activity for my company. She has done a good job, often without much input or guidance from my team. She is knowledgeable, hard-working and reliable and I am happy to recommend her.”

Richard Alberg

“Kelly is a fantastic help to my business as she takes away overwhelm. She is really knowledgable, has great tenacity when things go wrong and always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help, find out or explore new things.
I really enjoy working with Kelly as it frees me up to be creative, knowing that I have the admin and technical backup in place to stop me feeling overwhelmed.”Kelly develops, communicates, and distributes branded content like few others in her space. Kelly brings vision to action improving Facebook utility, Twitter design, graphic quality and brand representation. I recommend her highly and hope some corporation doesn’t come steal her for six figures, she’s that good.”

Sue Atkins

The Parenting Expert

“Kelly is a superstar when it comes to managing communication into and out of the business.  Not only does she ensure our outgoing messages are delivered effectively and consistently across various social media channels, she also handles the many emails received by the business each day.
On top of this she supports me with a vast array of administrative tasks every day, allowing me to stay focussed and work more “on” the business rather than “in” it by eliminating the distractionsI previously faced.”

Paul Fuggle

“Kelly’s approach to her work combined with her willingness to try new things and quickly understanding a new business make her stand out in what can seam a large marketplace. This combined with her use of Mac’s made her an ideal candidate and I could not be happier with how things are going.”

Jay Blake

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