Autism – The importance of making things work

Talking about my personal life isn’t something I do in my business very often. I talk about my children but not greatly. I sometimes share pictures or events that we may be doing but that’s it.

One thing that many of you might not know is that I have a child with Autism. My kids are the reason I started my business, and that is the sole purpose of having to make this work, of course, loving what I’m doing helps greatly. I’m lucky that I do.

Whilst my eldest son Rhys is a happy go lucky, handsome charmer, and the age of 11 that charm is shining with the ladies already… (of course, I’m keeping them at arms length for now haha)



Evan on the other hand has autism, he’s selectively mute and just doesn’t do social communication or activities very well, infact he dislikes a majority of people. He does however know football inside out, wrestling he’s like a walking dictionary, and is a dab hand and tech (follows his Mam).


Why am I sharing this anyway? 

I guess to give you an insight into my world, knowing that I have a business to run, being able to be there for my children, not just a child with additional needs it important and rewarding. I have no extended family living close, they’re all 300 miles away down south.

I still however have built up an award winning business, a fantastic range of clients, because I want to inspire my children and tech them that regardless of your abilities, strengths or weaknesses, you can truly achieve whatever you set your mind to.

We have days where meltdowns are epic, this week being one as we’re heading into Easter half term, his usual routine at school has been severely disrupted with all things he hates, competitions, arts and crafts and dressing up. I know that if I’m late I haven’t got the stress of explaining to my boss…I am the boss 😉 I manage my own diary, set times when I can’t take calls, I work when I can and when I want.

I love having my own flexible business, I have put courses, a membership club and programmes in place so that I can still earn money even when I have to take time off. Joys of generating a passive income! It’s the way forward.

So, if you’re struggling, wondering how you can build up your business around your family, around your lifestyle, or maybe around your job… if you really really want it, you can do it!

Like I said before, I have to make my business work. I have no other choice. Childcare isn’t an option, relying on family isn’t an option, so this is it.

I truly LOVE LOVE what I do, I’ve chosen what I enjoy working on, who I enjoy working with very carefully so that when I wake up in the morning I look forward to the day and not dread it.

tell me your story…….



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