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Helping female entrepreneurs to build amazing online businesses

Hey you. I see you sitting there, desperate to make a go of your business online, but you’re overwhelmed by everything that’s available out there.
I also know that you’re feeling alone in this journey and have no idea where to turn to because everyone else seems to be doing ok!
You are trying your best to make money, to find clients, but actually, you just don’t know which way to turn. You don’t know how to use the tools properly, or even know which ones you’re meant to be using.

You have no idea how to create a sales page, what even is one? Maybe you don’t even know where your clients hang out so you can’t sell to them even when the sales page is up and running!

You’re hitting that ‘boost post’ button on your Facebook post in an attempt to get people to see what you’re posting, because you really want to make this work, but really you have no idea what you’re doing, you end up sitting at your desk for much of the day feeling frustrated, lost and alone.

I understand that you’re feeling fed up, ready to give up, and telling yourself that it’s a waste of time, so you just carry on as you were. Struggling.

Do any of these sound familiar?


You're sick of the bullshit

You’re fed up of buying online courses, programmes and getting no where fast. Wasting money, yet still stuck in the same crap cycle of making no money, no one seeing your stuff.

You feel alone

You’re feeling isolated, no where to turn to, and you desperately need to surround yourself with other women who are going through the exact same journey as you, people who can really relate to you.

You are overwhelmed

You just have no idea where to start. You’re constantly being told what to do, but you don’t know in what order, or even how to do it in the first place! All you want to do is get going and make money, easily.

What if I told you that…

I understand and I can help

Let me tell you about the building your online biz community

The Building Your Online Biz Community is especially for Female Entrepreneurs who desperately want to make a success of their online business but need guidance on how best to do it. It’s a place where you can feel supported every single day, a place where you can ask questions and advice, request bespoke training for any problems you are facing, RIGHT NOW!

This small intimate group is perfect for you if you’re finding the whole online building your business thing frustrating, lonely and big fat time zapper.

This is a group of few female entrepreneurs, not a group of many.

That’s what makes us unique to all the other groups out there. It’s not a large fast pace group full of noise, it’s a high valued, super charged group of women who want to get ahead, want to make valuable connections and relationships with other female entrepreneurs facing the same daily struggles, that need answers now.

Join the Build Your Online Biz Community TODAY and start steering your business in the right direction without getting yourself stuck on the basic tasks ever again.

If you want to know what social media platforms are best for you, how to use them properly, or maybe you want your own website, create your own mailing list, add a form to your website (to name a few), but have difficulty getting started or knowing where to go and who to turn to, then don’t leave this page….

Not only is the club jam packed full of training tutorials for the ‘techie’ stuff, it also has TONS of other training that will help you get unstuck, sell with grace, clear your self sabotaging and limiting beliefs. You see, it’s EVERYTHING you need to run a successful online business.

And, unlike any other online club, I AM THERE every day, supporting you, in both the Facebook group and in our live calls. I am fully behind you, guiding you, answering your questions. So you’re not going to dive in and be expected to do this alone.

Not on my watch lady…

What Others Say

“Didn’t realise I needed this until now! I assumed I’d already launched…on no you haven’t!.. loving being part of the VIP group. As always Kelly you’re a legend”

“I have an amazing WordPress site thanks to a certain ladies help. I’m working on getting my Mailchimp sign up form on my Facebook and website too!”

“Wow I have never had so many likes and follows on Instagram! Definitely increasing daily”

I am here for you!


The Build Your Online Biz Community is YOUR community! Training bespoke to your individual needs. I really know that there isn’t a one size fits all blueprint, and that’s what makes my club unique, and different from all the rest.

We get together every single month with a live strategy session, and we work through any blocks or challenges you have. I do not expect you to sign up and sit there struggling alone. I am here to hold your hand and support you every step of the way.

By joining the community you will learn what you need to in a simple and easy supportive way instead of wasting hours wading through google and winding yourself up in knots.

There’s endless hours of shortcut bite sized training to help you navigate everything that’s needed to make your business stand out online.


The Build Your Online Biz Community is a fast track to you finding what you need and how to use it so that you can devote more time to doing what you are good at. I can show you how it all makes sense and what the best bits of software are to use in your business.

Don’t be fooled by the name! You don’t have to be tech knowledgeable, this is perfect for anyone who is terrified of tech, or those of you who want to know more.

Not just that, you’ll also get a massive head start with the monthly modules. Learn every aspect of building your business, the right way, knowing you’re fully supported by the other women in the group and by me!

Are you ready?

Ready to get started?

December we are working on reflecting on the past year and planning for the first quarter of 2019.








Here’s what you get!


New bundle every month

Every month you will get a brand new bundle based on what members have asked for


I am there in the private group every single day to support you every step of the way.

Monthly live calls

Every month we have live group calls. These calls are super powerful with real results

Access to hours of training

As soon as you sign up you will receive access to all previous training. There are hours and hours of training for you to get your teeth into

Bespoke training

If you need training on anything that isn’t already in the club, then you can request it, and I’ll create it for you

Discount on my live programmes

As a thank you for being a member you will receive exclusive discount on my live programmes throughout the year

Examples of training already in the members area:

launch like a pro

Your very own blueprint for amazingly successful launches

Create and launch a digital product

Discover what types of products are right for your business and how to create and sell them


How to create webinars and why they’re important for your business

How to sell gracefully online

A bumper month where we explore where to find your soul mate clients and how to get in front of them, find them and draw them in to buy from you. Organically without any ads!

How to write a sales page that sells

It’s all good and well knowing that you have to sell, but how do you convince your customers to buy from YOU? By crafting the perfect sales page, and this bundle shows you just that

I could go on forever because there are hours and hours of training videos, workbooks & live call recordings. Everything you need to build an amazing profitable online business

Don’t miss out!

Are you ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get by becoming a member?
You will get a massive catalogue of training the minute you sign up. There’s videos, worksheets, checklists, Facebook lives & interviews from experts, ready and waiting for you to dive right into. As well as that you get a massive monthly pack of training every month you are a member, so you’re always improving your knowledge on building your business online. You will also get any training requested by yourself, or your group members. Courses and bite sized chunks of info is added ALL THE TIME so you’ll be on a continuous journey of improvement and growth.

We also get together every single month in a live group zoom call, this is an amazingly powerful call that members absolutely love!

What is the Facebook community?
The Facebook community is an intimate group of female entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you, facing the same challenges.

Because I want it to remain intimate, and that I can support you 100%, I will cap the group so that it doesn’t get enormous. Remember, I want you to be one of few not one of many. The feedback I’ve got from the group is that smaller groups are better for building relationships and finding information, so that’s how it will be..

I'm already in your free group, how is this different?
As part of the VIP you will receive intimate support from me in an exclusive group with all other VIP members, but also as a member of the online club you’ll get training tailored to your needs, whenever you need it, so complete BESPOKE training for YOU. PLUS the benefit of the group support from other female entrepreneurs.
Can I request training?
Yes, you can post in the group or contact me direct and I will put together either videos, worksheets or even a Facebook live session so that you’ve got all the answers you need to move forward.
What if I cancel my membership and then come back?
If you feel that the membership isn’t for you (hopefully that isn’t the case), then you are free to cancel at any time after your initial payment.

There are no tie-ins at all.

However, if you do want to come back after you’ve cancelled, then your membership will begin from the start and you will pay the price that the membership is currently at.

About Kelly

I was where you are right now, 11 years ago. I knew I had to move my business online, get ahead of the competition, stand out, call in my soulmate clients consistently, show up every day to be seen.

I had no idea what tools to use, I spent tons of money on courses that promised to show me how to do it all, how to have 3 figure launches, how to get 1000s of email subscribers quickly.
But here I am now with consistent income, a thriving community, fully booked programmes and a multiple award winner.

I have had the pleasure of working with clients such as Universal Studios, large music arenas, TV personalities and Hay House Authors.

I work with ladies every single day who want to move their offline business to a successful online business, making money through their website and social media, and mainly without spending endless of hours trading time.

So I know the exact steps you need to follow to automate your business. And guess what? I’m ready to share that knowledge with you!

And crucially, in just 9 weeks I totally transformed my own business, growing my highly engaging Facebook group from 0 to 1.5k, consistently making 5k months, and tripling my email list. All without one single paid advert. I am all about organic growth, and doing it to the right way!

By combining the right kind of tools with good a solid strategy I help my clients and myself automate their business effectively, find their soul mate clients, get their message out, position themselves as THE expert and make more sales.

Would you like to…?

Grow a Facebook Group Full Of Loyal Fans