Get your business cards talking

With the VA Conference just gone (I reached the finals!) I dug out my business cards in preperation, but knew there was no way I would be happy handing them out. I had them done 5 years ago with Vista Print. Whilst they were ok, they didn’t have any branding and had the typical lady with the headset on. Hardly a trend setter.

For about 3 years now I’ve been storing all kinds of tweets in my favourite section on my Twitter profile, and most recently any nice tweets clients have said about me. I knew I wanted to use them to market myself in some way and what great way to showcase your talent right?

So I had a brainwave, because Moo Cards have the ability to upload different images on each card, I took screenshots of my favoured tweets and used those!

Everyone I handed them to were impressed and they did look good!

Check them out!

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