Ignore all the recent updates and confusion over changes that Facebook are making, one thing that hasn’t changed is that Facebook makes it easy for businesses to create a page to promote their products and services.

When a business creates a page, it allows users to ‘like’ your company and in turn receive updates from you without having to ‘be a friend. It’s quick, easy and non invasive.

However, it still frustrates me no end when I see companies (large ones too) using a personal profile instead of creating a page. Why, still remains a mystery, I’m guessing they don’t really understand it?

Anyway, having a personal profile for your business instead of a page will pose so many problems:

1 – They are breaking the rules

Imagine this. I set up a profile for Kelly Cairns, the person. A place where I interact with family and friends. I also set up another profile for The Tech Angel, a place where I promote my business.

I’m breaking 2 Facebook rules. Facebook rules clearly state that one person should not have two personal profiles, and should never use a personal Facebook profile for commercial gain.

I’ve know quite a lot of business profiles being shut down immediately over this. Imagine, all that hard work all for nothing…

2 – Who’s going to find you anyway?

When you set up your business page you can optimise it so that Google (and other search engines) can find you quite easily. Something you can’t do with personal profiles.

If you want your customers to find you, use a Facebook page.

3 – Would you befriend a business?

If you’re using a personal profile for your business, chances are people won’t send you a friends request. That’s what you’ll need to do in order to see updates. I would never befriend a business, because then I’m opening up everything on my personal profile to that business and the other people on their page. They can see my personal updates, pictures of my friends, family, children…

Why would I want that? So, that’s one less like for that business.

By creating a page, I will only have to like that page. I see their updates, they don’t see mine…

It’s really not that hard.

  • Facebook profiles are for people
  • Facebook pages are for businesses

Are you a business who has a profile instead of a page? Want to make that switch? You can…> http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php?migrate


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