Check your Licence!


Today I’ve had to sort out yet another client who’s had her membership plugin revoked because she wasn’t using the correct licence.


She had a web developer install and set it up for her, and the developers of the plugin realised that the web designer had been using a single licence on multiple sites… This meant that unless she purchased the whole licence her membership site wouldn’t work and can’t access any of the members details. Which is really inconvenient, plus she thought she had already paid for this! Why should she pay again?


So this is just a quick message to everyone, make sure you have the correct licence on any product/plugin you’re using. Double check with your web developer to make sure they have the correct licence purchased if they’re using it for multiple clients.


This is your money you’re spending, and your money you’re losing when things go wrong….


We’ve now decided that it would be cheaper for me to delete the plugin and go ahead and use WP Emember (which as you know is my fave). Why? Because it’s cheaper for me to set it up that it would for her to buy the licence fee. Plus, there’s no ongoing re-occuring fees with WPEmember like there is with the plugin she’s using (no names mentioned…)


If you would like to know more about your membership options, please feel free to send me an email, or sign up for my freebie at www.membershipmoneymaker.co.uk


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