Clear Your Desk in Time For Christmas – Again

I’ve written this before, but since were there again I thought I would revise it once more.

If you think it’s too early to start thinking about Christmas, you’re wrong! Yesterday on Facebook someone said they get annoyed when people start talking about Christmas too early. How can you get annoyed when you talk about Christmas? (unless you hate it or haven’t got kids) and if you have a business, can you really afford NOT to talk about it? You have to plan for the holidays right?

So perhaps people are feeling the pressure more than normal? is your diary full for the rest of the year? and for the beginning of the new year? thinking how on earth are you going to take time off over the Christmas period to spend with your family?

Why not consider outsourcing? Below are tasks that you could outsource to ensure the lead up to Christmas and beyond is stress free:

1 – Custom Holiday promotions

You know you should be doing this but you just don’t have the time to implement your ideas. Hire someone to send out your Christmas cards or broadcasts to promote your Christmas offers, create Christmas themed promotions. Some of my clients are already doing this, sending out special offers for christmas and into the new year.

2 – Organising and maintaining your mailing list
Do you have your contacts written on bits of paper, note pads, or business cards scattered all over your desk or shoved in a drawer or box?
Why don’t you get someone to collate all of this information, input them into a spreadsheet or contact management system (CMS). Not only for the holiday period but to keep you organised for life! A clear desk = a clear mind.

3 – Sending out Christmas Promotions
Now you have your branded custom promotions, do you have the time to send them out?
Once you have your mailing list sorted, a Virtual Assistant can save you the time and hassle by sending them out for you. This might be by newsletters or even a physical card, even creating and print the labels, saving you the bother.

4 – Planning your christmas party
Thinking of hosting a christmas party or a christmas themed workshop or webinar?
A Virtual Asssitant can organise and plan the party, design and send out invitations, collate RSVPs, producing literature and even sourcing the venue. All you have to do is turn up!

5 – Virtual Assistant for life – not just for Christmas
So now we have Christmas sorted, what about the new year and beyond?

You should also be thinking about the new year and not take it for granted. Try to stay in control and thinking about getting the support off someone who loves doing all the finer detailed tasks you hate.

Think of the relief you’ll have when you know your New Year is organised even before Christmas begins!


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