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Starts Tuesday 4th June 


Discover how to grow your business gracefully & organically in just 6 weeks. Just in time for the summer holidays!

You’re constantly being told that Facebook algorithms are always changing, people talk about reach & engagement and numbers, and to you they may as well be talking Swahili.

You’re feeling lonely, down, frustrated and skint!

No one is seeing your stuff, you’re posting without clear intentions or objectives and most importantly, RESULTS.

But, you do it because this is what you are TOLD to do.

You plough money into Facebook ads, because Facebook tell you to boost your best ‘performing post’, but you have no idea what you’re doing.

You’re already stressing about how you’re going to keep afloat over the summer holidays.

What if I told you there is a BETTER way?

What if I told you that you didn’t have to pay a single penny?


What if I told you that you didn’t have to pay a single penny but STILL GET RESULTS?
You’d think I was bullshitting you right?

Welcome to the NO bullshit zone

I am going to share with you my exact strategy that allowed me to GROW my business, triple my email list, grow a SUPER SUCCESSFUL and HIGHLY ENGAGING Facebook group, PLUS consistently making more money each month than I did for the whole of last year!!

YEP!!! oh and remember I said without investing a single penny in any ads, that don’t work anyway.

Did you know that one single conversion will cost you £5…? that’s right!

Let’s use an example…..

You have a webinar coming up. You create a Facebook ad to promote that webinar. Every person that signs up from your Facebook ad will cost you around £5!!!

Not only that… only 30% of people who sign up actually attend those webinars… so it works out even more expensive!!

So… this no bullshit zone will tell you how to do it properly, organically & gracefully.

I am going to work with you to put together your own strategy so you can also start seeing the difference in your business.

Here’s what you get when you sign up…..

1.5 hour live group zoom call which will be recorded, every week for 6 weeks which include:



Week 1 - Clarity and soul mate clients

We will get SUPER clear on who your soul mate clients are (even if you think you know who they are, you probably don’t), what your true desires are for your business, and what your long & short terms goals are.

Week 2 - Visibility Plan

A visibility plan: we will be putting your own unqiue visibility plan together and learn how to maximise it. We will be blowing your visibility up so everyone knows who you are! Time to shine girl.

Week 3 & 4 - Consistent Content

To really get your content in the consitenct flow, we will concentrate on this for an additional 2 weeks. This will allow you to breathe, create content, and start to gather your tribe organically.


Week 5 - Finding your tribe

We know who they are, we know how to talk to them, now you need to find them and get in front of them! We will be on the hunt for your soul mate clients, and they will begin to recognise you as the GO TO EXPERT, and hang off your every word!

Week 6 - Collaboration & Uplevelling

Let’s find you some super sexy businesses you can partner up with that will truly sky rocket your audience and visibility! GROWTH HACK right here

This programme is for you if….

You want more people following you, reading your stuff, talking about you, being inspired by you and buying from you

You want to be super confident and clear in your message to your soul mate client

You actually want to know what to post, when and where

You want a more engaged community of raving fans, ready to buy from you even before you’ve launched!

You want to be recognised as that GO TO expert that everyone is talking about This programme is NOT for you if

This programme is not for you if….

You are not willing to put in the effort – yep it takes effort! This isn’t one of those quick success promises. You need to work on it.

You are not ready to let all the rubbish you’ve learned before go, and start over with clarity.

What my clients say….

For those of you sitting on the fence about whether or not to join, think about where you were six months ago. Are you still there or feeling more behind and super-isolated? If you feel you are not much further ahead now than you were at Christmas, and if you want to be further ahead by the end of November than you are now, this is the starting place for you. You will have unbelievable support. Are you believing you should listen to those voices, give it up, and “get a ‘Real’ job”?

As recently as six months ago, I was still considering giving it up. Since joining the “Boosties” as I call them (because they become your “Besties in Boosting”), I have gained confidence both in myself and my business; I also have gained yet more clarity about where I want the business to be in six months and five years from now, where I want it to go, who I perceive as my soulmate clients, and what I want them to get out of it all. AND I have launched my new product line, trying to develop new products every month …. AND I have quit perfecting my freakin’ resume and sending it out to others. I have, however, made a “Letter of Introduction” to healthcare people who might be interested in what I have to offer. I have yet to send it … Yep. Still stuff I have to learn. But that is after only six months. And … I am slow. Think of where you CAN be in six months from now. You are NOT alone. 💕

Ruth Heyerdahl

Aromatherapy Safety “Sensei", My Health and Wellness Corner

So roll back around a year or so. I had a wix website and a Facebook page with about 200 members. And an idea to have a membership club. Then along came Kelly. I stumbled across her in a mums group and she talked about five top tips for a membership club. I thought she was warm, understanding and relatable. She felt like that friendly neighbour that you wish you had. I joined her group. And then not long after her vip club. I then also joined her boost your biz group. Now I have a a WordPress site that looks professional, is informative and that I point to daily and use for my landing pages too. I had the tools the look thanks to her VIP club. My website and my Mailchimp where working like a well oiled machine. But now I needed people to market to! I didn’t want to blow a load of money on Facebook ads. I had heard Kelly talk so many times about how she organically grew her Facebook group. During a VIP call Kelly and the other members helps me establish the difference between a page and group and I now had my own group too! So more to market to! Then Kelly announced she was doing a boost your biz without Facebook ads course. There was no way I wasn’t being a part of it. My Facebook page is now almost 600. My group is getting close to 300 and my email list 200! I get interaction for the first time ever on posts daily. I get messages from people I don’t even realise are following me or who have seen me in a group. I have made my marketing be more on brand so they always know it’s me even just by my colours. I share content my audience need and wants. I had a comment just this morning, a member who has never interacted with me before yet told me how much she loves my group and how helpful my content is to her. I share my story. Kelly has told me from day 1 that what is unique about me, is me. And after months (and months) of her persevering. I started to share my story more in depth and I started to realise what she meant. Without the VIP club, boost your biz and the instagram freebie course Kelly recently did. My business would be stuck on a Wix website that wasn’t serving me and didn’t look any good, and with a few scattered members, who were most likely not even my soul mate clients. Kelly is the key to my business and it’s success. She walks the walk and then talks the talk, and I am blessed to be able to work with her. Nicola Parker

Personal Trainer & Mental Health Mentor, Head Strong Fitness

Here’s what’s included

Weekly LIVE masterclass

Every Tuesday (12pm GMT) there will be a LIVE masterclass

Recorded & watch again

The masterclasses will be recorded so they will be yours to keep forever! So even if you’re not able to make either one of the sessions, you can listen to them in your own time.


As well as all of the above you will receive weekly workbooks & homework to ensure you are getting the maximum support, and results

Facebook group

You will receive full support from me not only during the masterclasses but also in our private Facebook group which will be open for the whole 6 weeks PLUS an additional 2 weeks after the programme has finished

Ready to get started?

Your investment


*** BONUS 1***

First 5 people to sign up in full with receive a free 121 strategy call with me so that I can REALLY understand where you ware in your business before we even begin


*** BONUS 2***

For everyone who signs up, you will receive the WHOLE training I received from the Facebook even in Dublin, which includes, IGTV Masterclass, Facebook Messenger School, Facebook Story School, Planning For Successful Facebook Campaigns, and TONS of keynote speeches from amazing guests, including Sheryl Sanberg


Or pay in 2 monthly installments of £99

build your online biz VIP member £127


** What my clients say **

“Kelly truly is a tech angel!  I may only be starting out for personal reasons, but I have undertook almost all of Kelly’s courses, and can not put a price on the invaluable wisdom contained in them.  I especially like the way she has structured them and the fact she broken the information down into easy to digest chunks. I had seen everyone raving about how good she was on a few other groups, so decided to try one of the courses, then I was hooked.  But it was more than that, after speaking to her a few times before even making a purchase it was clear from the outset she is a caring, helpful and compassionate woman, not to mention a fountain of knowledge.  She was always willing to help without jumping in for the upsell and that was the deciding factor of my purchase.  I love Kelly’s work and will continue to come back as a repeat customer as her customer service is top notch. Lisa Kelly


Kelly has been first class making sure we ALL covered ALL the steps gracefully. I had a breakthrough with my ideal client and I am on the brink of another, this will be huge for boosting my biz. Karen Mary Wilson

Coach, Quest for success

Why trust me anyway?

I truly understand how difficult it can be building your online business. With so many platforms to choose from how on eath do you get moving right? How do you know which one to choose? Hell, how do you even use them? I was where you are right now, 11 years ago. I knew I had to move my business online, get ahead of the competition stand out from everyone else, call in my soul mate clients consistently, show up every day and be seen. I had no idea what tools to use, I spent a TON of money on courses that promised to show me how to do it all, how to have 3 figure launches, how to get 1000s of email subscribers quickly. None of it worked. Not because I was rubbish, but because it was someones else’s roadmap, someone else’s journey. We are all unique in this Entrepreneurial world. Roll forward to today, I have a THRIVING Facebook group FULL of my soul mate clients. I sell CONSISTENTLY, and December 2017 I made my first 5k month. So why am I telling you this? I keep it real. I give you practical guidance. I gut through the sparkles and shiny shiny stuff, and tell you how it is. No BULLSHIT. I am also a multiple award winner who gets results – if you are willing to put in the work. It’s time to start taking ACTION. Real ACTION.


What are the weekly masterclasses?

The weekly masterclasses will be on Zoom and you will receive a link each week (as well as the recording for you to keep). Masterclasses are interactive where you can discuss with each other and brainstorm and ask me questions too. These sessions are extremely powerful.

How long are the masterclasses?
Each masterclass will be around 1.5hrs in length.
When will the Masterlcasses be held?

The Masterclasses will be held every Tuesday for 6 weeks at 12pm GMT:

Week 1 – Tuesday 4th June

Week 2 – Tuesday 11th June

Week 3 – Tuesday 18th June

Week 4 – Tuesday 25th June

Week 5 – Tuesday 2nd July

Week 6 – Tuesday 9th July

What happens if I can't attend a masterclass?
If you can’t attend, let’s face it life sometimes throws us unexpected curveballs, then that’s fine! Each masterclass will be recorded and you will get a copy to watch when you’re back. You will also get all the support you need in the private Facebook group for the duration of the programme and for an additional 2 weeks after

Are you in?

Your investment


*** BONUS ***

First 5 people to sign up in full with receive a free 121 strategy call with me so that I can REALLY understand where you ware in your business before we even begin


*** BONUS 2***

For everyone who signs up, you will receive the WHOLE training I received from the Facebook even in Dublin, which includes, IGTV Masterclass, Facebook Messenger School, Facebook Story School, Planning For Successful Facebook Campaigns, and TONS of keynote speaches from amazing guests, including Sheryl Sanberg

Or pay in 2 monthly installments of £99

build your online biz VIP member £127


Would you like to…?

Grow a Facebook Group Full Of Loyal Fans