Create & Craft a Powerful Launch!

Starts Tuesday 10th September


Do you struggle to get your products / services in front of your soul mate clients?
Do you struggle with ideas on what to sell in the first place?

Do you think you’re crap at selling?

Do you feel nervous about selling and makes you feel icky right in the pit of your stomach?
Are you desperately trying to switch from hourly services to generating a passive income stream?

Do you have those self sabotaging thoughts of “why would they buy from me anyway?” constanly repeating themselves?

Do you not have the foggiest on how to even go about lauching it to your audience?

I hear you girl!

I totally get you! As a natural introvert I used to find it so difficult to go out there are sell! I hated it. I felt sick, sweaty, embarrassed, awkward. In fact, I put it off for a VERY long time!

BUT I realised that if I wanted to grow my business, I had to become comfortable at selling!

I mean, without selling you have no business right?


Do any of these sound familiar?


You have no idea where to sell

You have an amazing course/product but you have no idea where you’re meant to be selling it?


Dead Facebook group

Do you have your own Facebook group but can’t convert your members into paying customers?

Rubbish with words

Do you struggle to put your thoughts into persuasive words to attract your buyers?


You have no idea how to even launch effectively

Do you have a fabulous product but so confused on the steps to take to effectively sell it to your audience?


Scared of selling

Are you one of those who launches a product, presses send, and then runs and hides and waits for someone to sign up? Then give up when you’ve not made a sale?

No idea what tech to use

You have NO idea what technology to even use, there’s so many choices you just don’t know what ones are best for you, or even know how to use them.

I know!

I’ve been there. I’ve created courses and programmes, pressed that send button fully expecting sales but got a big fat nothing!

It’s so gut wrenchingly disappointing.

You put your heart and soul into something, feel super excited, nervous and anxious, 100% confident that people will need and want what you are offering, and no one signs up, no one sees your posts and you’re left sitting thinking ‘wtf’

It leaves you not wanting to go and do it again.

You start thinking ‘I must be crap, no one thinks I’m good enough’

Let me tell you something.

It’s not you!

Here’s what I’ve learned:

You MUST know who your soul mate clients are

You MUST know what your soul mate clients actually WANT and not what you THINK they want

There is NO blueprint to building a business (despite what the ‘Guru’s’ tell you). You need to create a business model that supports the life YOU want

You must have someone who will guide you and hold you accountable

You must learn to be ok with feeling vulnerable

You MUST be willing to invest in your business (in the right way) to move forward & scale

So what will be working on?

I am going to share with you my exact strategy that allowed me to GROW my business, triple my email list, grow a SUPER SUCCESSFUL and HIGHLY ENGAGING Facebook group and turning those members into SALES, PLUS consistently making more money each month than I did for the whole of 2017!!

I am going to work with you to put together YOUR OWN strategy so you can also start selling with ease and with grace & confidence.

No more feast and famine! You will have a concrete plan of action that is tailored for your own business so that everything you do in your online marketing is planned ahead like a miliatary operation, so you can go and do a shit hot profitable launch!

Here’s what we will cover in the live masterclass…

Who are you soul mate clients?

We will discover how to find out what makes them tick, who the frigg are they, where they hang out, what they struggle with and what do they actually need & want

Crafting your client itinerary (sales funnel)

We will design your very own blueprint from freebie to product so that you always have a plan of what you will be promoting and selling, eliminating that feast and famine.

Crafting your SELL OUT offer

We will work together to create a product that your soul mate clients actually need and want. You will be confident with your offering & figure out a price point you’re happy with promoting

Your very own POWERFUL launch plan

We have your customers, we have your freebie and we have a product you are excited to sell. Now we need to work on that launch plan. No more ‘spray and pray’ marketing. This is THE launch plan I use every single time and it WORKS

Tech Stack

What tools do you need to pull all this together… From sales pages, to email lists and scheduling

BONUS - How to craft a SHIT HOT sales page

As a bonus I will also provide you with an extra module on how to pull together a sales page that converts. Language, layout, the lot! 

Here’s what’s included

Super powerful LIVE masterclasses

Join me on these AMAZINGLY powerful Masterclasses where you will come away with more clarity and a plan, where you’ll finally feel excited and confident to sell to your audience.

Recorded & watch again

This masterclass will be recorded so it will be yours to keep forever! So even if you’re not able to make the session, you can listen to it in your own time.


You will receive workbooks PLUS you will receive an extra module on creating a shit hot sales page

Facebook group & accountability

You will be added to a private Facebook group where you’ll get accountability & support from other women who are facing the same struggles as you

Not just that! There’s more.. Discover….

How MINDSET affects the ability to make sales and what you can do about it

The importance of getting to know your soul mate client, so you can EFFECTIVELY sell to them

Simple copywriting tips that will help you make more sales in places you may not realise you can and SHOULD be selling

How to OVERCOME that uncomfortable feeling you get when thinking about selling

The ULTIMATE sales weapon for reluctant sellers, the soft sell

Get super CONFIDENT with your pricing

The Schedule


Week 1 – Tuesday 10th September – 1pm (GMT)

Week 2 – Tuesday 17th September – 1pm (GMT)

Week 3 – Tuesday 24th September – 1pm (GMT)

Week 4 – Tuesday 1st October – 1pm (GMT)


Are you joining us?

Your investment

Early bird price


Price goes up on Monday 26th August to £197

** What my clients say **

Kelly is simply awesome! She makes everything simple. I struggled and struggled with various technical aspects of my business and Kelly just sorted it all out for me – no fussing around. She has been an absolute life saver when it comes to the mechanics of my business. She really understands what it takes to run a business and is so supportive and provides fantastic, straight forward advice. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kelly to anyone running a business

Annabele Roberts


“Kelly truly is a tech angel!  I may only be starting out for personal reasons, but I have undertook almost all of Kelly’s courses, and can not put a price on the invaluable wisdom contained in them.  I especially like the way she has structured them and the fact she broken the information down into easy to digest chunks. I had seen everyone raving about how good she was on a few other groups, so decided to try one of the courses, then I was hooked.  But it was more than that, after speaking to her a few times before even making a purchase it was clear from the outset she is a caring, helpful and compassionate woman, not to mention a fountain of knowledge.  She was always willing to help without jumping in for the upsell and that was the deciding factor of my purchase.  I love Kelly’s work and will continue to come back as a repeat customer as her customer service is top notch.
Lisa Kelly


Kelly has been first class making sure we ALL covered ALL the steps gracefully. I had a breakthrough with my ideal client and I am on the brink of another, this will be huge for boosting my biz.
Karen Mary Wilson

Coach, Quest for success

Why trust me anyway?

I understand how difficult it can be building your online business. With so many platforms to choose from how on earth do you get moving right? How do you know which one to choose? Hell, how do you even use them? I was where you are right now, 11 years ago. I knew I had to move my business online, get ahead of the competition stand out from everyone else, call in my soul mate clients consistently, show up every day and be seen. I had no idea what tools to use, I spent a TON of money on courses that promised to show me how to do it all, how to have 3 figure launches, how to get 1000s of email subscribers quickly. None of it worked. Not because I was rubbish, but because it was someones else’s roadmap, someone else’s journey. We are all unique in this Entrepreneurial world. Roll forward to today, I have a THRIVING Facebook group FULL of my soul mate clients. I sell CONSISTENTLY, and December 2017 I made my first 5k month. So why am I telling you this? I keep it real. I give you practical guidance. I gut through the sparkles and shiny shiny stuff, and tell you how it is. No BULLSHIT. I am also a multiple award winner who gets results – if you are willing to put in the work. It’s time to start taking ACTION. Real ACTION


What exactly are the masterclasses?

The masterclasses will be on Zoom and you will receive a link to add to your diary (as well as the recording for you to keep). Everyone will have an opportunity to brainstorm and go through their ideas with myself and each other members, learning from each other and super accountability

How long are the masterclasses?

The masterclasses will be around 2 hrs in length.

What happens if I can't attend a masterclass?

If you can’t attend, let’s face it life sometimes throws us unexpected curveballs, then that’s fine! The masterclasses will be recorded and you will get a copy to watch when you’re back. You will also get all the support you need in the private Facebook group

Are you in?

Would you like to…?

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