Dawn Breslin – Harmonizing

let me share with you the story about Dawn and how she moved into the digital world


When Dawn contacted me she was just overwhelmed by the thought of having to move her business online. She already had a website, but it just wasn’t working for her. She wasn’t sure how to get things up and sell them to the big wide world.

Dawn is absolutely amazing at what she does. She regularly features in the Psychologies magazine, she’s a Hay House author, speaker, tv & radio presenter.

Dawn realised that she needed to be able to deliver her coaching online. It’s the way it’s going now isn’t it? But she just didn’t know how.

TA DA.. Tech Angel to the rescue!!




Income Streams


I re-vamped Dawn’s site and just brought it to life. A nice, fresh look, full of visuals, just how she asked.

Soon after she also launched her very first online course!! Well actually two courses!!!

Introduction to Harmonizing Life Design and Mindfulness for beginners with Maggie Kay. I am so proud of her.

We created brand new sales pages, added a shop to her website and dished out a gorgeous campaign via Mailchimp…

Head over to her website www.dawnbreslin.com to check it out!


Dawn is now LOVING selling online! She’s gone on to sell multiple courses and programmes, and now also has a THRIVING Facebook group! 

Taking the leap of selling online when you are so used to face to face, can be very daunting! So many choices, so may tech barriers to jump over. BUT Dawn is proof that if you face your fears and have clarity of what you want, it can and will be amazing!

Client View

Kelly I am so grateful to you for your commitment over the last 3 weeks. You made my harmonizing.com website dream a reality. This is our second website built together (Kelly also built www.dawnbreslin.com) I cannot recommend you highly enough! And you are super affordable, you’ve just got to love that!

I feel very grateful to have you my team lovely.

Thank you. D xx

Dawn Breslin

Coach, Harmonizing

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