I see so many ‘Social Media Expert’ job titles thrown about, granted there are many amazing ‘experts’ in the field of Social Media Mark Shaw to name one.

But, what actually qualifies you to be able to give yourself that title?

Do you have to use it as a daily part of your marketing strategy? Do you have to use the methods yourself and embrace the tools of social media to be able to fully understand them?

The reason I ask, recently I attended the ‘Forget the Buzz, Its just Social Media” joint event with Durham Business Club & South Tyneside Business Network. Supported by UKTI and Lloyds TSB Commercial the event featured a presentation from Pascal Fintoni, Chief Executive of The Centre for eBusiness

I was really looking forward to this event,I don’t do much face to face networking  and I felt it was a really opportunity to get to know other business owners in the local area. But, I was also looking forward to the presentation by Pascal.

I love social media, and I also love to listen to other people’s takes on it, and how they use it and make it successful for them, plus, I was also taking my assistant Kristy along, she’s new to Social Media and I thought I would be a great opportunity for her to pick up new tips and learn from the so called experts.

So the evening was such fun, we did a meet and greet around the table and we had a giggle, I also met Kerry from Daisychain events and hit it off straight away (got an event, party or Wedding to organize, you need her!).

We finally got to the main event, and Pascal delivered a funny presentation, but had so substance. There was no value to it, he didn’t offer any words of wisdom didn’t offer advice, no demonstrations, nothing that would help anyone who wanted to utilize social media in their business. He talked about sales funnels and the 5Ps (Product, Place, People, Price & Process) and put logos of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook on the screen, but that was pretty much it.

During the presentation I even wrote on a note pad ‘I bet he doesn’t even have a Twitter account’ and guess what, he doesn’t.

Now, I really don’t want to be rude and this post isn’t an attack of any sort, and I know Pascal is an amazing Marketing expert, but in my opinion, Marketing, in the traditional sense, and Social Media Marketing are completely two different methods.

I really felt that I could have stood up there and delivered a presentation that would have provided value to the audience. Not that I ever could! I’m not one for public presentations 😉

I just didn’t get it. I felt cheated.

So back to my original question, how can someone claim to be a social media expert when they clearly don’t embrace the tools themselves?

Someone on Twitter said ‘it’s like saying you’re a pilot but have never flown a plane’

Answers on a postcard…

Would you like to…?

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