Easy peasy guide to video marketing

So I’m going to quickly go over how to create professional videos that generate conversions, helping you build those relationships.

It’s really incredibly simple

What is the key to success?

Creating videos to market your business can be mega effective as long as you choose the right type of video, and as long as they have an element of professionalism about them. I don’t mean head off into a studio and get a flashy, snazzy camera. Just that it’s a nice bright space and an informal and nice natural space. I like the more natural approach anyway, it’s easier to warm to people who are being themselves.

The next step – choose your style

The first step is to choose the correct type of video. This should match the tone of your business and be fitting for your target marketing, Most importantly, a video style you’re most comfortable with.

If you’re nervous about going in front of the camera, why not ask someone else to do it? If that’s not an option, how about making a slideshow or a powerpoint presentation where you just talk over it?

Making sure you have the right tools for the job

If you create an animated video for example, then you need to make sure you’re using the right tools. If you create a slideshow, then you should create your images with good software such as Adobe Illustrator, MS PowerPoint or purchase great stock photos – maybe if you’re new to it, outsource to someone over on fiverr.com

If you’re going in front of the camera, make sure the camera is good quality. A good camera phone will do the trick just nicely. As I mentioned previously, make sure to choose the environment carefully by setting up a space in your home/office or by creating a cheap white/blank background with something like a bed-sheet.

Make sure you also look the part. Speak slowly and clearly and make it short. If it’s a training type video, then maybe cut them down into chunks?

Try adding finishing touches with a video opener, music and your logo. You can use something like iMovie on the Mac or Windows Movie Maker on the PC.

Where will you share your videos?

It is really important that you choose the right platform to share your videos. You should definitely make sure of YouTube. It’s free and great for SEO since google owns it.

Make sure you also embed your video on your web pages, landing pages, share on vine and on your social media, especially Facebook!

TIP: When sharing on Facebook – upload the video direct using the upload video, and not just the link. It will get more exposure and reach this way

More about Increasing exposure….

To increase your exposure, there are a few things you can do:

  • Perform basic SEO for your YouTube account – make sure you spend time writing on your channel and in your descriptions
  • Partner up with other YouTubers (business owners) and feature each other’s content to expand your audience
  • Keep your videos short to increase their chances of going viral.
  • Make sure that your videos appeal to the emotions that encourages shares – they should be unique, funny, or they should facilitate conversation.


How do you know you’re getting any results?

Ok, so let’s be truthful. It’s unlikely that your first video will be a big hit. Use YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics to see how your videos are performing and learn from this data in order to hone your skills and increase your conversions.

See what style works best and what topics are a hit.

If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying! Split testing and analytics can only improve the effectiveness of your videos, so don’t give up!!


Show me!

Don’t forget to share your videos below so that I can see them and share them!

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