A lot of people who set out to market their business on Facebook are quick to say that it’s a failure and that it doesn’t really work.

But really, what they mean is that they don’t know how it works, they don’t know how to use it properly to their advantage. They think that since it did not produce the kind of results they were expecting right away, then it must be a worthless source of traffic.

No. They’re just doing it wrong.

The good news is you don’t have to be one of those people. They struggle because they tried to figure out Facebook from scratch. They basically tried to learn Facebook on their own and they ended up spending too much time and or money while getting very little results and eventually, failing.

You don’t have to do that. There is an alternative path for you. There is an easy way to achieve success on Facebook. How? Figure out what your competitors are doing and you learn important lessons from the way they run their Facebook pages, as well as the content that they share so you can achieve the same (or better) results.

This is probably one of the only times I will tell you to check out your competition….

Here’s how you do it.

Find and like your competitors pages and groups

The first thing that you need to do is compile a list of your competitors. Find them on Facebook and follow them.

Find their groups and join those too.

Sit back and pay attention to their content.

Once you’ve joined all these places, sit back and pay attention to the content they’re putting out. You should be able to see some patterns. You should be able to connect the dots.

You would notice that nine times out of ten, they share the same type of content. Maybe this content talks about a common theme. Maybe it focuses on certain common topics. Whatever the case may be, the same stuff crops up again and again. Pay attention to that pattern.
Analyse their most engaged users.

Now that you have a clear idea of the type of content your competitors keep talking about, the next step is to look at the users that always keep commenting. Pay attention to the users that keep liking and keep sharing.

What are their interests? Do they share common interests? You’d be surprised as to what you will find because you will notice that the most engaged people, seemingly different as they are, share a handful of common interests. That is a very important clue.

How to take advantage of this to increase your following and engagement?

First, you can post similar content. I must stress, this is not a pass to copy! Your competitors WILL not thank you for it. Use your own content but with a similar theme. When you do this, your engagement levels go up because you are sharing the content that you know your target audience members would be more likely to engage with.

Second, look at your content patterns and figure out your most popular content. Once you’ve identified this popular content, share similar types of content. This enables you to increase the engagement level of your page, pretty much uniformly.

This doesn’t happen overnight, but with enough attention to detail, this will happen. You just scale up the amount of a very popular content that you’re already sharing. You then republish the same type of content over an extended period of time, so you can reach more people as more and more of your audience members engage with your content at a higher level.

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