Congratulations! You’ve created a fan page for your business and you’re ready to get even more exposure and increase sales and traffic to your website…


Then, you sit in front of your computer ready to implement your well thought out marketing strategy, but you’re confused! Your ‘likes’ are being posted as YOU and your wall posts on other business pages are being posted as YOU.. when you wanted to post as your business…


It’s confusing huh? So let me try and explain it and help Facebook work for you…


So the basics…


Facebook Profile (Home)

Your profile is your starting point. This personal account (think of it as your FB home) is required before you can move up to pages and groups and is limited to “one per person.”  Setting up a second account may violate Facebook’s Terms of Service, which could cause all your profiles to be removed.

The Facebook profile is about you, the individual. I use my Facebook profile as my place to be me… I have so many online profiles that I hate the feeling of being too exposed so this is my place for just my family and friends.

When you first log into Facebook you will land on your own personal profile, not your business profile. keep that in mind.

When you post anywhere on Facebook, you’re representing yourself and not your business, unless you tell Facebook otherwise – I will cover this in a bit.

Facebook Page

Designed for promoting your business/club etc your Facebook Page is a sort of mini-shop front, like an interactive version of your website or an extension to your Twitter. It’s a place to provide useful information, links to articles and blog posts, images and video — anything that adds value to your fans. Because all status updates appear in your fans’ news feeds (making it visible to all their friends), Facebook Pages can help attract new fans (customers) through existing clients.

Analytic tools are provided and customisation is available, allowing you to monitor your progress and bring your pages to life. With unlimited fans and multiple administrators possible, Pages becomes the best choice for businesses.

You are allowed more than one business page, and you can allocate administrators to manage your pages on your behalf.

Unlike your personal profile, when you post on your business page, you post as the business and not the individual.

If you want to interact on other pages as your business, this includes liking pages and comments, go to account (top right of the page), click Use Facebook as Page.

Facebook Page

From now on, you ARE the business and whenever you post you will no longer be the human you will be the business, until of course you choose to change back to the human you (the same way as before).

Hope that helps anyone struggling to separate the both.

Key Points:

  • To like a page as your business – remember to change to the business page
  • To post on other business pages – remember to change to the business page
  • To gain even more exposure, change to the business page!





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