Facebook to kill sponsored stories

If you’re an avid Facebook user like myself, you would have realised that lots of changes have been going on behind the scenes of Facebook HQ and it seems that only partners have been informed officially and us not so important people at the bottom of the ladder have to deal with it and get on with it..

I’ve noticed (as have loads of other businesses I’ve consulted with) a massive change in the reach of posts and as a result it has forced many of us to use sponsored posts or increase our Facebook advertising. Well done Facebook, your strategy is working.

Other subtle changes I’ve noticed- putting a link in a status update significantly reduces your reach (I now add them into my comments underneath), as does adding images.

NOW the latest news hitting us is that come the 9th of April Facebook will release it’s top trump card so far and removing those little things we have become forced to use, and one big one is sponsored stories.

Yep! as of the 9th of April, sponsored stories will be removed. Official statement below from the official developer roadmap:

Facebook sponsored stories


All is not lost however, I think creating ads will now become a lot easier and some will remain.

Currently there are 10 sponsored story types. Five will be moved into ‘ad units’ eligible for ‘Social Context’ and five will cease all together.


The 5 that will be moved into new ad units are:

Page Like Sponsored Story ===> Page Like Ad

Post Like Sponsored Story ===> Post Like Ad

Page Post Comment Sponsored Story ===> Page Post Comment Ad

Page Post Share Sponsored Story ===> Page Post Share Ad

Event Sponsored Story ===> Event ad

What is being taken away

  • Domain sponsored story
  • Open Graph Sponsored Story
  • Check-in sponsored story
  • Game played sponsored story
  • App shared sponsored story

SO! even though these sponsored story types are stopping, 5 technically remain.

So really, for ‘domestic’ users of Facebook, it might be a blessing as you will no longer see ‘play Farmville’ or ‘play candy crush’ posts pop up in your feed.

My thoughts.

Whilst I initially thought ‘OH MY GOD – FACEBOOK IS AT IT AGAIN! HOW DARE YOU!’ after doing my research I do think it will make life easier and simplify the process of choosing and creating Facebook ads to better reach our audience, delivering better results.

Facebook, you better not let me down!




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