What factors do you look for when asking for help?

So, for some reason, today I’ve seen lots of posts about ‘How to choose the right VA’ or ‘Factors to consider when choosing a VA’

One comment I saw was that you should avoid using a VA if they are not charging as much as others as they may lack self worth. Really? can you judge someones self work and self belief just by what they charge?

I work with an AMAZING VA and she charges her clients half of what I do, she certainly doesn’t lack self worth, and neither does she lack self confidence. She’s damn good at what she does! the only reason she charges less is that she doesn’t want to fully commit to being a full time VA and just helps out on an ad – basis. This is great, if that’s all you’re looking for.

Another article read that VAs are looking for accreditation for what they do to provide clients with proof that they are ‘Accredited’ but does that mean they’re any good at what they do?

Don’t take this as a ‘ranty’ post. I’m genuinely interested in what your ‘tick sheet’ would be if you happened to be looking for support. Not just a VA, but any kind of support, whether that be an intern, another trainer for your training business etc.

For me, it would be the relationship they have with clients, this is usually transparent if they’re active on Twitter, the feedback from clients, I usually watch on Twitter, check out their Follow Friday’s and also spy they’re LinkedIn profile for recent testimonials. Then I would consider the price. If they’re the cheapest that’s a bonus.

Think about the last time you took on support for your business. What were you looking for? I would love to know 🙂

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