Guest blog: Isn’t running your own business great? by Lisa Dunn of HexagonVA Ltd

Isn’t running your own business great?  The freedom of being your own boss, doing just what you love and not having to bother with stuff you don’t enjoy doing…

Hang on though – you still have to fill in those forms that came in a while ago from some official body or other.  Oh, and the invoices need to be sent out, when?  Ah.  Yesterday.  Then there’s that pile of business cards you really must do SOMETHING with, or all that time spent networking will just have been for fun, not a benefit to your business.

That’s quite a few things that many people don’t enjoy about running their own business: you are not alone.  So what are you going to do?  Let’s take them one at a time:

Form filling: Here’s a super-simple tip.  Create a document with all your basic business and personal information on it, save it, and then copy and paste the information into forms as you need it.  You can easily make this document available to anyone to whom you delegate your form filling – so you only have to do it once!

Invoicing: Do you keep putting it off?  Why?  What accounting system are you using?  You’re not still using paper, are you?  You could save yourself a lot of time and money with an online accounting system, and it could even be fun!  Seriously!  Yes, you’ll have to pay a little for it, but you pay for paracetamol when you have a headache, right?  Ask a VA which system they would recommend.  Many are now using Xero, which in my experience is brilliantly simple.

Business cards: Ah, the ever-growing pile of business cards – in a shoebox, right?  Would you buy shoes and leave them in the box?  You’d get the shoes out and make them work for you, wouldn’t you?  So do the same with the cards.  If you prefer, send those cards by post or by scan to your VA who will take the information and turn it into a nice neat spreadsheet ready for use in your next marketing campaign.  You can send out those important follow-up emails with a few clicks that will generate interest, and what does interest mean?  Sales.  You’d do even better using an online system like Capsule to manage all your contacts, and keep you on your toes with follow-up too.

Three simple solutions to three off-putting tasks.  Rome wasn’t built in a day: true.  Even the longest journey starts with the first step: true.  So don’t be overwhelmed: break things down into smaller bits, and anything is possible.  If you don’t have time yourself, a cost-effective answer is a VA who can handle all these things, and more – just ask Kelly!


Big thanks to Lisa! check her out on http://www.hexagonva.co.uk/

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