Guest Blog Post – Facebook Chat Bot Feature List?

I’ve recently started creating chat bots for Facebook Pages. As I speak with entrepreneurs and business owners, the biggest questions I get are “What can they do?” and  “Can you send a list of features?”

And that is where I get stuck. Most know the basic concept: a chat bot sends automatic responses when Facebook users send messages to your Page. Those automatic responses can be customized based on the content of the message received. But that is where the ‘feature list’ ends for most.

I could show them snippets of the documentation, which shows buttons and images and videos being demoed. But none of that is particularly exciting or relevant. What I really want to answer with is “anything”. Your chat bot can do anything you want it to do. Heck, it can order a pizza for you.

The beauty of writing code is, there aren’t many restrictions. Do you want people to say ‘Inspire Me!’ and receive a quote you’ve picked out? Or maybe link them to that video you created showing pigeon pose when they say ‘‘I would like to increase flexibility in my hips’. Even better, have them schedule a consultation based on the availability in your calendar. Or purchase an hour with you directly from the Messenger window. All of these interactions could occur automatically, saving you time while still providing meaningful engagement.

The options, truly, are limitless. There is no set feature list. If you can dream it, you better believe that there is a developer that can do it. Instead of asking “What can chat bots do?”, a better question may be “What can I offer my audience that can be automated?”. You will certainly come up with more innovative options than what is found in the Facebook documentation (ahem, back to the pizza).

About our guest blogger

Rebecca Vogt is a freelance software developer, and can be contacted by emailing oliverapps0@gmail.com

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