Help! I have lots of products and visitors to my site but no one is buying!

So, you have 1000’s of followers on Twitter, your website traffic is healthy and you have a great selection of products to choose from.



How is that?

Attracting visitors to your website is the easy bit, but getting them to stay is harder and what’s harder is getting people to buy from you before they leave. Especially now. People are watching their pennies and thinking about their expenditure much more than ever before.

In the Ten Reasons Internet Marketing Fails for businesses, one reason was lack of clarity, are you giving a clear message to your readers of what you are actually selling?

flip the coin… when you are looking online to buy something, the chances are you are looking for a solution to a problem right? you’ve got a date, so you need something to wear, so you look for an outfit. You don’t know what outfit, but you know you need something to wear on your night out. the same if your child doesn’t sleep through the night, you jump on the Internet looking for solutions to your babies sleep problem…

Your customers are the same!

They buy because your product/service:

  • Offers a solution to a problem
  • Makes them feel good
  • Saves them time
  • Educates them

But, 9 times out of 10 it’s because they are in search of a solution to a specific problem, ultimately they are buying your expertise.

When selling your products you are not just a coach or a VA, you are selling solutions to specific problems…

  • I will add all of your business cards into a database following networking events
  • I will help you to start talking to your moody teenager
  • I will help you get people to read your newsletter

NOT I can help you with your admin or I can help you with your children..People need to know HOW. They don’t care that you WILL they need to know you CAN and WILL.

Does that make sense? i.e you are targeting specific individuals, business owners who network, parents with teenagers..

As soon as you start identifying your target market for your individual products then you can solve their specific problems, even if they don’t know it yet.

Other factors to take into consideration if visitors are not buying your products:

How easy is your website to navigate? if your website is hard to get around, or is too busy, people will get fed up and leave. Try this: ask a family member who is not very internet savvy to log onto your site and buy a product. Tell them what product you want them to buy.

Don’t actually get them to buy it… that’s wrong! you are family! hehe, but once they are almost ready to purchase, STOP them! and now ask them how they found it, how easy it was.

You visit your website frequently, and you know it inside out, you know your way around, sometimes you can be blinded by the obvious.

If you do have a busy website with lots of information, especially true if you’re an active blogger with sponsors etc, you could consider using sales pages, this way you have no distractions. That sales page is specifically set up to sell one product. You could use a product such as Optimizepress

Don’t forget your autoresponders and follow ups! when people buy a product from you, don’t forget to follow up afterwards, you could subtly link in other products that could be of interest to them, and ask them for feedback! if you are not selling as much as you think, maybe your products need fine tuning?

What are you doing to get people buying from you?

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