You’ve heard the term ‘call to action’ before right? and every true internet marketer uses them. Whether on Broadcasts, websites, sales pages or on places like Facebook…

BUT what a lot of people fail to forget is including these call to actions in their individual personal emails.

Forgetting this, they’re missing out on a massive marketing opportunity. Think about it, how many emails did you send and reply to yesterday? That’s what, 10, 20 people (or more) you could potentially be targeting every day!

You probably have a signature right now, go and check, what information do you have. How can you turn that around to get more traffic to your website, more leads on your mailing list?

Well let me help you with some ideas on how you can promote your business TODAY!

1 – Your website

For sure, the most important element of your footer should be your website, whether it be directed to your homepage, your blog or your products page… Just make sure it’s there and make sure people are being directed to the place you want them to be when they click on it.

Mine links to my home page but the image offers them to sign up to my free marketing tips.

2 – Social Media

Make sure you’re including links to your social media profiles! it’s one of the first things I look for these days.. is that person on Twitter? or do they have  a Facebook page. Saves me going to Google! one less step to finding you. Make it easier for people to find you! It will help grow your followers & likes!

You can include either text links or social icones.

Also check out Wisestamp. It’s a great plugin that creates email signatures for you! and it has a free plan. Although, it doesn’t work on the Mac yet….

4 – Your Book or e-book

Have you recently published a book? Share it! if it’s on Amaz0n make sure you use an affiliate link back to your own book too so that you earn affiliate commission on your own products!! <cheeky>

5 – Events, webinars, workshops

Do you have an event or a webinar coming up soon? Don’t be scared to change your signature to reflect that! remember, your email signature is a GREAT way to get the word out there!

6 – Special offer

Have you got a new product, or a special offer on a product you already have? Use that in your signature! get it out there… the potential for new customers is massive with the power of email.

7 – Offer a free consultation

Having a tough month? clients gone quiet? sales relaxed? Why not offer a special offer in your signature!

Here’s what mine looks like….

Would you like to…?

Grow a Facebook Group Full Of Loyal Fans