How to Disguise Your Tweets as Advertisements

Do you want to use Twitter as an internet marketing tool? Whether you want to market a website, blog, product, or service, you will do so with updates. These updates, also known as Tweets, are where you will highlight what you want to bring attention to.

Before you signup for a free Twitter account and start sending messages, it is important to understand Twitter. For starters, messages should be under 140 characters. This means that you need to master the trade of being short, yet right to the point. This may require some practice, but it is important.

Next, it is important to understand what Twitter is used for. Yes, you are using it for internet marketing, but not everyone has the same goals. For that reason, explore the Twitter website. Visit the help section, as well as Search.Twitter.com. This gives you the opportunity to search for sample Tweets. See how others format their messages, what they have to say, or what they are looking for.

Before sending Tweets, otherwise known or messages or updates, you need to have followers. These are members who will read your messages. It is easy to add and search for your friends and family online, but this will not help if your goal is internet marketing. Instead, search for who will buy what you have to sell. These are members of your target market.

As for how you can search for your targeted market, use online message boards. Ask around for Twitter exchanges. You follow a member and receive their updates and they agree to do the same. Also, visit Search.Twitter.com. Look for those who could be customers of yours. For example, do you sell a dog obedience eBook? Look for posts that signal a pet owner. You can make contact and join their list of contacts. Remember, many will return the favour.

Once you have registered for a free account and developed a fan following, you can begin to send updates. This is when you can use advertising. With that said, remember discreet is the best approach to take. Straight up advertisements may leave those on your contact list feeling used. People use Twitter to socialise and make new acquaintances, not to be bombarded with advertisements.

So, how do you advertise a product or service, without really doing so? Try asking for feedback. Do you sell pet products? Ask followers on your list for feedback on your website layout or a particular product you sell. Include a link to your website. This accomplishes the goal of generating traffic. Not only that, your Twitter followers will feel as if you care and value their opinion. And, if someone like what you are selling, they will make a purchase.

Another way to disguise your advertisements on Twitter is to offer promotions or incentives. For example, do you have product samples available or can you offer a discount? If so, extend this offer to those in your Twitter contact list. Making this offer exclusive takes it a step farther. Include the offer in a Tweet update, but be sure to state it is only extended to Twitter followers. Yes, this is an advertisement, but you are offering an incentive. Plus, your Twitter followers will feel honored that a special offer was extended to them.

Another cool way which is what I do a lot, just take a quick picture of what you’re doing, or just a Tweet update saying ‘enjoying xxx project today’ That way you’re offering a window into your day to day life and also demonstrating what it is that you do.


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