How to get more likes on your posts

For starters, why is it important that you get more likes on your posts? Well, when someone likes a post on Facebook that post is then shared into their friends newsfeeds. This basically means that your posts will be able to reach people who arenít currently fans of your page or brand.

People concentrate far too much on the numbers of fans on their page, but they should really be concentrating on the engagement and reach.

So, how can we get more likes on our posts?

Pull on the heart strings

This is probably one of the most important things and that is to make sure that you are posting content that people want to be associated with. Letís say for example that you have a Facebook page to represent a local dentist. Itís unlikely that people are going to associate themselves (by liking) with a super long and boring medical study about tooth decay in adults. However, it may be more likely that they will associate themselves with a funny story that happened in a dentistsí office. Make sure that you are producing content that people feel comfortable being associated with.

Make it shareable

Secondly and building upon the first point, make it shareable. Often people may see your posts and associate with them but don’t find them funny or informative enough to like them or share them. You need to make sure that your posts are shareable. An example of a post that would be shareable might be ’10 things we all do in the dentist office’.  This will encourage people to tag their friends and family.



Ask. There’s a phrase up here in the North East ‘Shy Bairns Get Nowt’ Which basically means, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

An obvious way might be to ask people at the end of your post to like and share it with their friends. Studies have shown that this can make a huge impact on the amount of likes a post receives. Or, you could ask people to tag their friends…

More than anything it’s important that the content that you are posting is relevant to your page. The people who are associate with your page are far more likely to ‘like’ a post which is relevant to them, rather than one that doesn’t even seem to be on the same topic as the page is.

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