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I hear you girl!

I totally get you!! Growing your audience is so difficult! You’re competing against so many people, fighting to be seen every single day.

How do you even start? When do I post, what do I post? How do I find my aiudencei and get followers?


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So what will we cover during the next 5 days?

Setting up your profile the right way

* Figure our your niche
* Find your key influencers
* Optimise your profile

Techniques for growing & following your audience

* Best times to post
* Niche specific posts
* Engaging

Undersanding hashtags

* What hashtags to use
* How to find the best hashtags for you
* Using hashtags to get more followers

Using stories to blow up your followers

* Why stories are important
* What to use them for

Understanding limitinations & improve engagement

* Shadowbanning – what is it
* How many hashtags to use on your posts
* Following people – the right method

Read to get started?

** What my clients say **

Kelly immediately felt like that friendly neighbour that you wish you had. I joined her free group and not long after her VIP Club. I also jumped on board all of her live programmes including boost your biz and her mastermind. Without these my business would be stuck.

Nicola Parker

Personal Trainer & Mental Health Mentor, Head Strong Fitness

Kelly is so clued up on everything. Her guidance and support has been invaluable and I thank her for that. I have a fair way to go yet, but this has been a start and I would not have gone this far without her. I highly recommend her courses and looking forward to working more closely with her in the future.
Grace Mc Gilveray

Wellness Coach

I’ve only been working with Kelly a few weeks, and I’ve achieved more in the last 2 weeks on moving my business forward than I have for the last 8 months! The reason – I’ve procrastinated for ages about a project, just because I wasn’t sure which technical tools would best help me achieve my goal. There was also a secondary fear I guess about whether, once I’d worked out what tools to use, I could manage to set them up correctly! However, one phone call to Kelly and everything got sorted. She listened to my plans, advised the best route for what I wanted to achieve, and is now helping me set it all up. She’s friendly, helpful, there to answer any questions – and extremely cost-effective. It’s fantastic having her help my business. My only regret – I wish I’d called Kelly sooner!
Colette Bratton

Coach, Marketing Angel

Why trust me anyway?

I truly understand how difficult it can be building your online business.

With so many platforms to choose from how on eath do you get moving right? How do you know which one to choose? Hell, how do you even use them?

I was where you are right now, 11 years ago. I knew I had to move my business online, get ahead of the competition stand out from everyone else, call in my soul mate clients consistently, show up every day and be seen.

I had no idea what tools to use, I spent a TON of money on courses that promised to show me how to do it all, how to have 3 figure launches, how to get 1000s of email subscribers quickly.

None of it worked. Not because I was rubbish, but because it was someones else’s roadmap, someone else’s journey. We are all unique in this Entrepreneurial world.

Roll forward to today, I have a THRIVING Facebook group FULL of my soul mate clients.

I sell CONSISTENTLY, and December 2017 I made my first 5k month.

So why am I telling you this?

I keep it real. I give you practical guidance. I gut through the sparkles and shiny shiny stuff, and tell you how it is. No BULLSHIT.

I am also a multiple award winner who gets results – if you are willing to put in the work.

It’s time to start taking ACTION. Real ACTION.

Are you in?

Would you like to…?

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