Jazz up your Facebook and increase fan engagement

Since the new layout has been made mandatory on Facebook, lots of you are starting to get comfortable with moving around the tabs and making it work for your business.

BUT the age old problem still remains, how to get fans to engage with you, updating statuses regularly is a sure way to keep your business in the forefront of everyone’s minds, but you can make it much more appealing and fun for your fans by adding cool and simple apps to increase engagement and making sure your fans want to come back!

Here are some simple apps you can install on your Facebook Page and start using right away!


First make sure you import your blog’s RSS feed. My favorite app is Networked Blogs. It’s free and relatively simple to set up. As soon as it’s set up, each time you post a blog on your site it will automatically post to Facebook.

rss graffiti

You can easily import any of your content that has an RSS feed. For example, I import my Twitter favourites into Facebook. I tend to use my Twitter favourites as a place to store any tweets that clients tweet about me, so as a live testimonial. Great if prospective clients what to check you out. If you do want to use your Twitter favourites make sure you use the following URL (replacing my username with your own) http://twitter.com/favorites/kellycairns.rss

You could import feeds from your favourite blog, website or even content from google reader.


This app is great if you find yourself answering the same questions from clients or customers. Compile a Frequently Asked Questions section – the simple FAQ Page app allows you to have an FAQ tab on your Fan page that you can direct fans to when answering questions on your wall. A couple of things to note about this app: you can’t reorder the questions once inserted, so I would probably write your FAQs and all their answers in a separate document before pasting each one in.

Pinterest is the new best thing, by adding this to your timelines you can share your pins with your fans increasing exposure across platforms. It’s quick and easy to set up and people can follow you right from your business page.

Fan of  the week is one my faves! thank your fans for interacting and contributing to your page by making them a fan of the week. Great way to give them a bit of free advertising (if they’re a business), plus it gets people talking and even encourages them to take part so that they become the next fan of the week….check it out!  FAN OF THE WEEK

Those are my top apps. You might also want to check out….

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YouTube for pages


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