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 Doors close Wednesday 19th May 2021

Do you have the knowledge but not the light bulb moment to turn what you know into a profitable membership?

Do you struggle with the tech that allows you to turn your ideas into an online membership?

Do you struggle to get your products / services in front of your soul mate clients?

Do you feel nervous about selling and it makes you feel icky right in the pit of your stomach?

Are you desperately trying to switch from hourly services to generating a passive income stream?

Do you have those self sabotaging thoughts of “why would they buy from me anyway?” constantly repeating themselves?

Do you not have the foggiest on how to even go about launching it to your audience?

My idea…

I have an idea, and thats what it mainly is right now an idea.

It’s an idea I have been toying with for a while now as members of my community have individually asked me similar questions, it’s really “raw” right now as I am still trying to work it all out.

Here’s the backstory…

For a while now, I’ve been getting private messages from people who have reached out with questions like “Do you have courses on building membership sites?” or “I need a membership site but have no idea where to start, can you help me?” or “Can you tell me what membership site platforms are the best?”

Over the last 12 months I have developed and nailed my WordPress Academy, and as a community we have seen massive results, so with the interest in the tech for membership it has started to feel like the natural progression from my current academy.

Of course, it’s something I wanted, as it’s all part of me teaching and developing tech skills for Female Entrepreneurs.

I started to see a place where we could… 

Explore the tech options for building a membership site online 


Discover what makes a membership site flow and interact with all your other online resources. 

Or even...

Take away the tech overwhelm and give you easy solutions 

Can you see  the po ten tial?

THAT’S what gets me excited.

It’s the progress we would all make, as I know and can teach you the tech, but I want to make sure that women of all abilities are able to benefit from this and that’s why I need founding members.

Currently, this idea is very rough around the edges.

It’s definitely not perfect (yet) and there are many things we still need to work out.

But the vision is there, and that’s why I’d love to extend an early invitation to you. I want you to be part of this… especially if you’re willing to help me shape this idea.

Meaning, if you join me as a founding member and you’re willing to provide feedback on the content (workbooks/video guides/ how to guides etc) to ensure that members of all abilities are able to overcome any fear of tech and master the skills required to run an online membership, I’m willing to extend a very favorable “Founding Member” price.

When this offer is extended to the general public, the starting price for this to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of £47 per month.

(which will be a no brainer given that we’ll be helping people create TONS of recurring income)

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Why me? 

* Mum of 2

* Multiple award winner

* Passionate about getting YOU results

* Gin lover, and all round happy soul

Hey there! My name is Kelly Cairns. I am the founder of The Tech Angel & The WordPress Academy.

My passion is helping Female Entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by the technology that is needed to build their online business and share their passion to the world.


I know you are looking for someone who can help you understand the vision for your business.

I also know that you want someone who can help translate that vision into getting it online in a way that attracts your soul mate clients (that’s what I call ideal clients by the way).

Because, right now you’re so overwhelmed, you feel like giving it all up!

I hear ya. I was where you are right now. 14 years ago. I knew I had to move my business online, get ahead of the competition, stand out, call in my soul mate clients consistently, show up every day to be seen. It’s exhausting isn’t it?

I started my business purely by accident whilst on maternity leave from the NHS.

I had no idea what tools to use, there were no Facebook groups for me to ask in, hell, there wasn’t even a Facebook then!

I spent a ton of money on courses that promised to show me how to do it all, how to have 3, 4 figure launches, how to get 1000s of email subscribers quickly. None of them worked!

But here I am now, with a consistent income, a thriving community, fully booked programmes and a multiple award winning business

I am an ambassador for Stu Mclaren’s TRIBE and also the chosen Tech Specialist for Rachel Miller at Moolah Marketer.

I want to show you how to do it too. Starting with creating an epic membership site that will help you create a recurring income

Kels x

Here’s  the bes t bi t

Join me today as a Founding Member and your price will be £27GBP ($38USD) per month. AND… you’ll be locked into that Founding Member price for as long as you remain a member.

So even when we do roll this out to the general public at the higher price, your price will always be paying the Founding Member price.

As I said, all the details for this are not figured out yet. Nothing has officially been created (if you don’t include the post it note wall in my office planning this out), and I expect some of the best ideas will come from you and others who join me as a founding member.

But the goal is to officially launch this on Monday 7th June.

The fu ture…

So between now and then, things will be happening fast and furious based on the ideas flowing back and forth between Founding Members.

With all that said, what I am clear about is how this community will serve all of us as we progress towards building profitable online membership sites. That’s what excites me. That’s why I’m waking up early with my mind racing a million miles a minute.

It all begins here today.

And years from now we’ll look back on this and say “do you remember when…”.

Click me  to become a Founding Member

Join me. Become a founding member.

All you need to do is simply…

Sign up before Wednesday 19th May 2021

Here’s to your success and here’s to the success of our new community!

Member love…

In two days I’ve filmed and added two workouts to my new webpage would never have done that if it wasn’t for this academy. I am forever thankful to Kelly

I’m so proud of my site. I love it ! And can’t wait to publish it for real and show it off.


Dah dah!
Ladies..I was a little afraid to enter into these modules…they’re harmless. Very inviting..simple to understand and Kelly makes it just sound like a chat with a cuppa rather than high falouting! I afforded myself some time… goal today… set for this morning.. but got distracted.. and hey ho! This afternoon – DONE!
I’ve always been afraid of touching anything plug in… appearances… tags or blocks etc… !
Honestly! It’s so easy to understand.
Cheers Kelly! 💟

I’m so proud of my site. I love it ! And can’t wait to publish it for real and show it off.


Kelly is simply awesome! She makes everything simple. I struggled and struggled with various technical aspects of my business and Kelly just sorted it all out for me – no fussing around. She has been an absolute life saver when it comes to the mechanics of my business. She really understands what it takes to run a business and is so supportive and provides fantastic, straight forward advice. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kelly to anyone running a business

Annabele Roberts


“Kelly truly is a tech angel!  I may only be starting out for personal reasons, but I have undertook almost all of Kelly’s courses, and can not put a price on the invaluable wisdom contained in them.  I especially like the way she has structured them and the fact she broken the information down into easy to digest chunks. I had seen everyone raving about how good she was on a few other groups, so decided to try one of the courses, then I was hooked.  But it was more than that, after speaking to her a few times before even making a purchase it was clear from the outset she is a caring, helpful and compassionate woman, not to mention a fountain of knowledge.  She was always willing to help without jumping in for the upsell and that was the deciding factor of my purchase.  I love Kelly’s work and will continue to come back as a repeat customer as her customer service is top notch.

Lisa Kelly


Kelly has been first class making sure we ALL covered ALL the steps gracefully. I had a breakthrough with my ideal client and I am on the brink of another, this will be huge for boosting my biz.

Karen Mary Wilson

Coach, Quest For Success

As a slow burner, I like to take my time with my work projects. I’ve learned that to get the most out of myself, I have to go at a pace that feels right for me.
What I love about working with Kelly, is that she is proactive with her clients, but in a way that respects their pace, boundaries and way of learning.
For me personally, it’s crucial to have a teacher who is easy to work with, and who makes the work itself as easy to understand as possible. And this is what Kelly does; she takes something big (and often scary!) and then breaks it down into manageable chunks for the client to work with.
The wording isn’t too wordy.
The concepts aren’t too complicated.
The tasks are not too taxing.
The workbooks are clean and simple.
And the content is relevant.
All in all, it’s a well-rounded experience that helps me to grow and empower myself as I learn how to navigate my website and online presence.
Thank you, Kelly. Please know that you are loved and appreciated by me and many others!

 Your Ques tions Answered…

I'm overwhelmed by the tech will this help me?
Absolutely! My whole passion is making tech simple for you. I have been running my business for almost 14 years. I know the tech that works, and what doesn’t. So I give you the solutions that will be perfect for you.
How do we get together?
I am a true believer that connecting is important, and I LOVE to connect with my members, so we will come together on live group calls to brainstorm ideas
What kind of content will you be providing
I already have some amazing ideas, but I LOVE to cover everyone’s learning styles. So, there will be a combination of videos (all available in audio and with a transcription), workbooks & checklists and live calls.

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