Welcome to 2012! why is it that a new year always brings the feeling of excitement and the wanting and urge to start new things? afteral it is only another date with a different number right?

I don’t care! for me it’s a reason to not get depressed after a full month of festivity excitement, and a way to beat the blues of a long January.

It also seems to be the way a lot of people think too, I’ve already had ‘2012 goals’ sent through from my very lovely clients and my To-Do-List has already spanned into February.

So I thought I would jump into 2012 with a bang with my brand new website! hope you like it 🙂

My other site, as lovely as it was, just wasn’t moving with the times, I had no way to add an opt in form to grow my list, or an easy way to display my blog posts on my home page or even add links to my Social Media accounts – doesn’t work well! so here I am, a fresh new look to bring me right up to date and into a new year.

What are your goals for this year? Here are mine:

  • To blog more
  • Write a book and publish on the Kindle
  • To do a ‘Blog Tour’
  • EXPAND! – I want to create a bigger team and help more people!


I’d love for you to share your goals and dreams for 2012! and also what you think of my new site.. good or bad. I don’t mind 🙂

Would you like to…?

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