Nicola parker – Headstrong fitness

let me share with you the story about Nicola and her amazing business transformation

Introducing you to my amazingly inspirational client, Nicola Parker. I met Nicola just over a year now when I was doing a Facebook live in a group as a guest talking about membership sites, and Nicola joined my Facebook group The Tech Angel Club.

Nicola wanted to create a membership site but being a total technophobe she had no idea how. She joined my group and then joined in my challenge all about membership sites that I was running at the time.

Nicola has been running her personal training business for several years now. She specialises in exercising for women who suffers with mental health problems. A topic close to her heart.



Income Streams


121 Mentoring & mastermind

Whilst working with Nicola as part of my 121 mentoring and from working through modules in my VIP Tech Angel Club, Nicola launched her Stronger than your mind academy where she can support multiple clients at one time, and also bringing on board experts to offer even more value and support to her community, totally catapulting her expert status and sky rocketing her visibility.

Whilst being part of my Mastermind Nicola decided to extend her work to include mentoring and now runs regular face to face mentoring sessions for women as part of 121 sessions and group live programmes.


I am so proud of Nicola for stepping up and bringing these extra solutions into her business, at it allows her to not only generate additional income streams but to also work with her clients in a way that she has never done before, something her clients really need to ‘get stronger than their mind’ – the whole ethos of Nicola’s brand.

This also allows her to leverage her time, so it’s a a very savvy business approach.

Nicola doesn’t follow the traditional personal training business model of exchanging her time for money, instead, Nicola works in a group setting and in an online environment in her academy, which is there perfect solution for her, since her illnesses do not allow her to commit to working in a corporate or employed setting.

You see, things aren’t easy for Nicola, as she also suffers with multiple illnesses, an extremely rare auto immune disease, and multiple mental health problems. But this has made her even more determined to support women just like her.

She is always open and vulnerable with her audience.


Client View

Kelly immediately felt like that friendly neighbour that you wish you had. I joined her free group and not long after her VIP Club. I also jumped on board all of her live programmes including boost your biz and her mastermind. Without these my business would be stuck.

Nicola Parker

Personal Trainer & Mental Health Mentor, Head Strong Fitness

She is now the expert that everyone wants

Because of the relationship she has built up with them by consistently supporting them, they were happy to share what they wanted with her.

Because of this she has achieved amazing results in the last 12 months.
Nicola’s group and business is growing consistently.
Nicola is being seen at THE EXPERT everywhere!

As a result of her hard work, Nicola is now a co-author on an upcoming book, 2 previous versions have been number 1 top sellers in Amazon, both physical and kindle editions, and is being asked to be a guest speaker at events, she is truly inspirational.


How she did it

Nicola is very clear about who she is, who she shows up to support and what she wants to call into her business and therefore her life.

She goes and talks to her audience, openly, and is ok with being totally vulnerable, she doesn’t dress things up, she often even cries on her Facebook lives! 
Nicola is also supported – by myself and the other members of my Boost Your Biz Mastermind.

We are her ROCK

When Nicola finds that both her mental health, illnesses, business and just life start taking her off track, Nicola knows she can come into our group and be fully listen to and FULLY SUPPORTED.

She takes ACTION.

Even on bad days, when she feels like she doesn’t want to get out of bed, she still takes action! She still shows up in her business, to her audience, in her true self, warts and all. She is there to fully support her tribe.

She listens to what they are asking for and creates amazing programmes, courses and snap your hand off offers that her clients need and want.

So what can you take take away from nicola’s journey (which is merely starting)?

What can you NOT take away more like.

First of all, if you are sitting there thinking I CAN’T do that… then you are totally bullshitting yourself. You’re just scared.

If Nicola can, then YOU CAN.

You need to know it’s totally ok to go out there and find people to support you, just like Nicola did.  in fact it’s vital to surround yourself with people who have your back, who understand you, and your struggles. Trust me when I say this, you will achieve your goals and deepest desires so much quicker. You don’t have to be alone in this.

Show up to your audience no matter what, just like Nicola. Even though it’s the last thing you want to do. CONSISTENTLY 

Take action! 

Truly listen to what your audience are asking for and give them what they need.

Ask for help, don’t afraid.

And keep going… don’t give up! Remember your WHY. Why you keep going no matter what. Why you started this journey in the first place.

What’s next for Nicola?

Nicola is really just at the beginning of her incredible journey, by the end of 2018 Nicola will officially be an author of a truly inspiring book.


Because she is truly inspirational and people are seeing that, and wanting her to share it. She will be calling in even more clients consistently into her membership site, running sell out live programmes & making a difference in women’s lives every single day.

What about you?

Do you want to truly transform your business from coasting, struggling, lost, no direction, into a business you truly desire?

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