Running webinars for your coaching business

If you run any type of coaching business using webinars can be the perfect tool for drumming up more business. When coaching people it is important to have a place where you can both meet confidently and quietly. While you can use the traditional methods of using the phone, jumping on Skype or emailing. Using a webinar room just adds a more professional and private aspect to your sessions.

When choosing your webinar plaBorm ensure that it has all the features you need for your coaching calls. If you want to use slides or have the ability to share screens with your student, make sure you can do so. Not all webinar software can do this. Some are based more on audio than having a visual component to them.

Using a webinar room provides you with that professional look, regardless of how long you have been a coach. You can easily schedule one on one sessions or hold coaching calls for groups of people at one time.

When setting up your webinar site you have the ability to customize your emails, brand the look of your room and more. This helps create a sense of security which many clients like. They are more likely to open up and talk more when they know there is no-one else around.

Another huge benefit of using a webinar room for coaching calls is that you can record them if necessary. Of course, be certain that your client is in favour of this as well.

The ability to share your slides and teach your clients or students is another great benefit. It is often much easier to explain by showing someone, instead of writing out a long list of instructions.

With some webinar platforms you can share screens. This means that you can take control of your student’s screen and show them step by step how to do something. If you offer a tutoring business think how useful this option will be.

Of course webinars allow you to promote your services to a wider audience. You are not stuck with only coaching people in your local area. Depending upon your business you could technically now coach people worldwide. Can you imagine what that could do for your business profits and reach?

If you haven’t tried using a webinar room for your coaching calls then why not take that step today? Many platforms offer you a free test drive for 30 days so you can test out the software before purchasing.

If you’re new to webinars, then feel free to drop me an email and we can discuss how I can help you further.

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