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let me share with you the story about Ruth and her amazing business transformation

Introducing you to my amazingly inspirational client, Ruth Heyerdahl. I met Ruth maybe 12 months ago or so now. I’m not even sure how, but I know she joined my Facebook group and has been one of my biggest cheerleaders ever since. When Ruth came to me she was just starting her business.

Ruth is a huge advocate for using essential oils safely and her passion is just incredible. Her attitude and her whole persona is just infectious, despite her troubles and difficulties. 

Ruth isn’t shy in saying that she has three severe learning difficulties, but that never holds her back! She is a super woman, who has learned to hide from the ‘squirrels’ who used to take her off track.




Income Streams

Vip, 121 mentoring & mastermind

Ruth first joined my VIP membership back in December 2017, where she initially launched her private Facebook group where she continues to nurture and grow her loyal tribe.

She has become incredibly confident in front of the camera frequently doing Facebook lives, not only in the safety of her group but also on her business page. This was a MASSIVE step for Ruth. But she smashed it.

Whilst being part of my Mastermind Ruth decided to extend her work to include online courses and mentoring and now runs regular face to face mentoring sessions as an extension to her workshops.


I am so proud of Ruth for stepping up and bringing these extra solutions into her business, as it allows her to not only generate additional income streams but to also work with her clients in a way that she has never done before.

Before I worked with Ruth she was running workshops in person, she would very kindly bring all the materials needed to her workshop at no cost to delegates. However, she wasn’t taking any payments up front for bookings, and often delegates failed to turn up, meaning Ruth was not only exhausted setting everything up, taking the time to invest in the day to work with her clients, but also out of pocket. This was stopped immediately. Now if she runs live workshops, she takes payment in advance.

Ruth has also began running workshops online, and one off courses that have flown out of the door.

This allowed Ruth to leverage her time, so it’s a a very savvy business approach.

Ruth is also now working on her very own membership site which is expected to launch in the fall of 2018

Client View

I was introduced to Kelly, even after joining her group, although I liked her immediately, I was slow getting over my distrust that others have instilled in me, but I knew right away that Kelly, although she might be Tech, was also my Tech Angel. She is always present in group. teaching, patient, caring…and then I realised I had to move forward. Take another chance. 

I joined the VIP in December… I launched my FB Group.

My confidence has blossomed and I feel like I can whip a tiger blindfolded with two hands tied behind my back.

Ruth Heyerdahl

Coach, My Health & Wellness Corner

She is now the expert that everyone wants

Because Ruth has been consistent in her group, because of her wealth of knowledge, Ruth has built up a loyal following in her group and in other groups too!

Because of this she has achieved amazing results in the last 6 months.

Ruth is being seen at THE EXPERT.

As a result of her hard work, Ruth is not only selling her online courses, she has been asked to put her amazing ideas into a book, and in September 2018 is working with a company to create her very own product line which includes symptoms orientated inhalers, diffuser mixes for allergies, anxiety, insomnia, stress, pms & menopause to include products such as shampoos, cheery room sprays (just for fun), creams and body butters made from her own recipes, all due for release in 2019!! This is MASSIVE!!!

How she did it

Ruth is very clear about who she is, who she shows up to support and what she wants to call into her business and therefore her life.

She goes and talks to her audience, openly, and after a lot of work in the many groups Ruth shows up in, is ok with being totally vulnerable, she doesn’t dress things up!

Ruth is also fully supported – by myself and the other members of my Boost Your Biz Mastermind and the Build Your Online Biz Community.

We are her ROCK

When Ruth finds that her illnesses, lack of sleep (that’s another story) business and squirrels, start taking her off track, Ruth knows she can come into our group and be fully listened to and FULLY SUPPORTED.

She takes ACTION.

Ruth is aware that sometimes she’s exhausted and this often puts her out of sync and in the past made her inconsistent in showing up in her business, but she has now put strategies in place to combat this! She is always there, showing up, supporting her loyal fans.

She listens, supports them, and never gives up! Ruth is a real trooper and loved by everyone she comes into contact with.

So what can you take take away from ruth’s journey (which is merely starting)?

First of all, if you are sitting there thinking I CAN’T do that… then you are totally bullshitting yourself. You’re just scared.

If Ruth can, then YOU CAN.

You need to know it’s totally ok to go out there and find people to support you, just like Ruth did.  in fact it’s vital to surround yourself with people who have your back, who understand you, and your struggles. Trust me when I say this, you will achieve your goals and deepest desires so much quicker. You don’t have to be alone in this.

Show up to your audience no matter what, just like Ruth. Even though it’s the last thing you want to do. CONSISTENTLY 

Take action!

Truly listen to what your audience are asking for and give them what they need.

Ask for help, don’t afraid.

And keep going… don’t give up! Remember your WHY. Why you keep going no matter what. Why you started this journey in the first place.

What’s next for Ruth?

Ruth is really just at the beginning of her incredible journey. She is now in talks with a manufacturing company to bring her ideas to life and to create her very own product range which is due for launch in the new year of 2019! Watch this space.


Because she is truly inspirational and people are seeing that, and this is what they are asking for. She will be calling in even more clients consistently into her membership site, running sell out online programmes & soon selling her very own product range, making a difference in people’s lives and homes every single day.

What about you?

Do you want to truly transform your business from coasting, struggling, lost, no direction, into a business you truly desire?

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