As a newbie Female entrepreneur (or business owner), you know that you need a website to be able to sell. 

I mean, if you’re not actively selling, you’re not actually a business. 

With my Design a Client winning website self study course, I will guide you, step by step on how to get your WordPress website up and running quickly and one you’ll LOVE! 



You know you need a website, but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by all the options


You’ve spent hours Googling trying to figure it out for yourself


You’ve looked at all the options and you haven’t seen anything that represents your business and it all looks so complicated to do it on your own


You know WordPress is the right platform for you, but you don’t know how to use it (yet)


You’ve googled all the tutorials but you’re even more confused than ever, you just need the simple steps to follow


You don’t know how to structure your site or WHAT to put on and where to help you make sales

If you’re sitting there thinking “HOW ON EARTH DID SHE KNOW THAT” then you are definitely in the right place

I hear you!

Now… fast forward a month or so, and imagine how you feel when you’ve launched a website you’re proud of, and actually start making sales….

Finally have control over your OWN website, know how to use it without stressing about breaking something when you touch it

You can make changes without waiting for your designer to do it, meaning you’re saving money

Have a place that is YOURS to send prospective customers too and start making sales (or even more sales!)

I know that you’re ready to get started, but you’ve still got a ton of questions, and you’re probably a little nervous….am I right?


How do I even start? I don’t even have a website address

What do I even need on each page? HECK! What pages do I even need?

URGH but I hate tech and I get overwhelmed SO EASY. Can I really do this?

I know that even the thought of getting started feels overwhelming, you have lots of questions, feel confusing, especially if this is the first time using it. 


If you don’t have a plan to follow, you can easily make some big mistakes, waste so much time (and money) and never end up finishing. 

Without the right steps and guidance it can be so difficult to make any kind of progress!

Intoducing Design a client Winning Website

Launch your website with WordPress in just two weeks with easy to follow step-by-step videos that show you how to not only set up your site using WordPress, but also design it using Divi Builder. A super simple drag and drop builder, where you can truly create the website you want and LOVE.

Here’s what other business owners think about the Design a Client Winning Website Course…..

BEFORE taking the course…


You break out in a sweat everytime you think of touching a website


You’re too embarrassed to give your website address to anyone


You’re scared of the tech, so you’ve been defeated each time you’ve tried to get started


You’re just overwhelmed watching all the YouTube videos, and you feel like you’re going around in circles


You’re not making sales because you haven’t got anywhere to send your prospects to

AFTER taking the course…


You’re sharing your website address at any given opportunity because you are so proud of what you’ve done


You can make changes whenever you want, and have full control and confidence in your own website


You know how to add pages, create blogs and sell products


You can now focus on other elements of your business knowing you have a professional looking website that is highly converting


You feel fully supported in your website journey and not left in the dark depths of YouTube

Once you’ve completed the Design a Client Winning Website Course, you’ll feel super confident & empowered, that you can update your website whenever you want so that you never have to rely on website designers again. 

The Design a Client Winning Website Self Study Course is broken down into easy bite sized videos, including cheat sheets, checklists & worksheets and nice bonuses so that you don’t even have to think or figure the layouts out by yourself.

When you enroll, this is what you’ll learn:



Understand who your website is for and why


Map out the content you’re going to add onto your website


Plan your client journey – What do you want them to do?


Get the look and feel of your site right with the perfect branding


The Setup

Chose the right domain and hosting for your webite (and understand what these mean)


Install WordPress & set up the intial pages


Add the right plugins, and understand what plugins are


Create a navigation menu so people can go to the pages on your site


The Design

Know how to use the Divi Builder and what it is


Create beautiful pages that represent your business & your brand


Add the perfect graphics


Add sign up forms and integrate a list builder


Connect your social media



Branding with confidence with Amy Purdie


Perfect home page cheat sheet


About page formula


Connect & setup Google Analytics to track website traffic


SEO for beginners (and understand what this means)

Client love

Meet nicola

Nicola went through the course, within 2 months she had already launched her website! She is now working on her own membership. She now has a platform to sell to her audience and a place where she can show up as the expert through her blog.

Before doing the course, Nicola didn’t know where to begin!

OMG ladies! I have worked so hard and stormed through Kelly’s content. I must say, I am not technically minded at all. I also have dyslexia and dyspraxia. So, I find it very challenging to learn new things.
I have sailed through Kelly’s courses in the academy. I have found them extremely easy to understand. I have found the mix of visual and written text a winning combination.
I can’t believe how my website looks. I have a professional, elegant looking website that I am so proud of.
I am so glad that thanks to the WordPress I have had full control over the look, feel and content of my website and now don’t need to keep paying someone else to upload content in the future!

Stronger Than Your Mind Academy

Are you ready to launch a website you’re proud of, one you can confidently manage and use and makes you look and feel like the professional you are?

Hi i’m Kelly

Hey there! My name is Kelly Cairns. I am the founder of The Tech Angel & The WordPress Academy.

My passion is helping Female Entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by the technology that is needed to build their online business and share their passion to the world.


I know you are looking for someone who can help you understand the vision for your business.

I also know that you want someone who can help translate that vision into getting it online in a way that attracts your soul mate clients (that’s what I call ideal clients by the way).

Because, right now you’re so overwhelmed, you feel like giving it all up!

I hear ya. I was where you are right now. 14 years ago. I knew I had to move my business online, get ahead of the competition, stand out, call in my soul mate clients consistently, show up every day to be seen. It’s exhausting isn’t it?

I started my business purely by accident whilst on maternity leave from the NHS.

I had no idea what tools to use, there were no Facebook groups for me to ask in, hell, there wasn’t even a Facebook then!

I spent a ton of money on courses that promised to show me how to do it all, how to have 3, 4 figure launches, how to get 1000s of email subscribers quickly. None of them worked!

But here I am now, with a consistent income, a thriving community, fully booked programmes and a multiple award winning business.

I want to show you how to do it too. Starting with building an amazing website with WordPress.

Kels x

* Multiple award winner

* Gin lover

* Mum of 2

* Passionate about getting YOU results

Would you like to…?

Start your WordPress site in 3 easy steps?


Perfect Home Page Cheat Sheet

Confused about how to pull together your home page?

Look no more! I have put together some swipe cheat sheets for you, with proven high convert rates.
I'm all about keeping it simple and these are those!
Grab your copy now, and I'll even throw in my about page formula too....

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