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Over these past few weeks I’ve been so busy (hence no blog posts), I’ve been really busy working on affiliate programmes and wordpress sites. Which I love!


I just wanted to share with you a couple of really cool plugins for WordPress that I have come across (thanks to Alicia Cowen for the tip!)

First is my very Favourite plugin!! is WordPress Affiliate Platform. If you’re familiar with Affiliate Programmes this might excite you a little.

If you’re not familiar with affiliate programmes, well basically Affiliate marketing is a way of selling products and receiving a commission in return. So you sell someones product from your website using a unique URL and you generate commission in return. Great way to get extra income.

Well, the WordPress Affiliate Platform is a way for you to offer your visitors a chance to earn income by selling YOUR products! cool huh?

No need to spend $99 a month to use 1shopping cart (sorry guys!) for the small ONE OFF fee of $49.95 you can set up your own affiliate program right from your wordpress site! and believe me, it’s SO simple to set up! bye bye 1shopping cart, this is the way forward!

PLUS it integrates seamlessly with Paypal, Mailchimp and Aweber!! LOVE IT – yeah ok you’re using 3 systems now instead of 1 but you’re saving your pennies and my opinion it’s much more flexible than using 1shopping cart, they’re so restrictive in design! bugs me.. and a lot of my clients are already using it and love it.

The second is from the same developers and it’s WP E-store. Again, completely by-passing the big e-commerce platforms, for the same price as the Affiliate Platform you can get your hands on this amazing powerful yet simple plugin to sell products right from your website.

You can develop a whole shop front, or you can add buttons and products within pages or posts simply by using shortcodes.

Again, it integrates amazingly well with Paypal and Aweber and you can set your own autoresponder based on individual products (something 1shopping cart can’t/won’t do!) and subscribe people to your lists in Aweber on a per product basis!

Go and check them out and see for yourself.

Got any questions about these two plugins? just ask and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions for you.

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