Sharing photos to Instagram right from your pc!

Some of you might know I LOVE Instagram.

It’s my new passion, getting it to work for my business to attract new clients is my primary focus, and even though I post a lot of ‪#‎selfies‬ or random pictures, it is all strategic, showing people the REAL me, attracting the right clients who want to work with me because they like the person I am, which, in my business is EXTREMELY important.

No one wants to wake up and dread working with someone, right?

And it’s working! I’m getting enquiries, I’m getting new clients… *high five*

However, I do find it frustrating sometimes when I want to share pictures from my computer – so I have to add it to dropbox and grab it via my phone, because Instagram is afteral a mobile application…

So imagine my delight when I stumbled across this amazing article (with step by steps too!) by Spiderworking.com on how to share your images to Instagram using your pc or mac

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