So, remember back then when you worked so hard to build up your subscriber list offering them a freebie, with all the best intentions to send out regular newsletters, offers and promotions?

With all the excitement of starting up, you got busy and forgot about said newsletter. But those subscribers kept on coming, they sat there, on your list, and quite possibly forgot about you.

FAST FORWARD to today, and you realise that sending out those broadcasts to the people that were actually interested in what you had to offer, was just as important as ‘doing’ the work. They might have bought the new book you launched 6 months ago. If you had told them.

So you send out a lovely newsletter, full of fabulous information, bright pictures and you log out and come back a day later to see how many people actually read it…

OOOPS! your Newsletter provider closed your account. Why? people clicked the ‘spam’ link as soon as it hit their inbox. They can’t remember you.

Come on, it has been a while! I would have done the same…

You finally manage to get your account re-opened after you’ve proved you’re not a spammer and they did opt in via your website through they’re own choice (albeit a year or more ago).

Now what?

Let me tell you. You could have done it differently….


I get this all the time. Clients wanting to send out newsletters but ‘oh I haven’t sent one out in months’. Well if you haven’t done it in months, you can’t expect to send it out NOW..out of the blue…

But you do have a good list of people who ARE your target market, and were interested at some point.

So, why not just drop them an email initially – ‘Hi, do you remember you signed up for my free e-book a few months back?<<remind them who you are

I know I haven’t been in touch for a while, but I am going to start to send out regular updates‘<< tell them what you’re emailing them for now

‘If you no longer want to be on my list feel free to unsubscribe and I won’t bother you again‘>> offer them a chance to get out!

This way – you’re covering your backside, giving them a choice to unsubscribe…

Next thing, when you’re drafting your broadcast, make sure you display the ‘unsubscribe’ link in a prominent place, I usually put it at the top above the header and also in the footer – and usually a paragraph at the bottom ‘if you no longer want to receive my email feel free to click ‘Unsubscribe‘.

It’s too easy for them to click the spam button because they don’t know how to get off your list.

Sure, you’ll probably end up having people unsubscribe immediately, but the aim is to build a quality list of subscribers, ones who will actually buy your products, click through to your website and talk about you!

Good luck! πŸ™‚

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