How do you tag people on your business timeline?

This a question I get asked A LOT!

When you are using Facebook ‘AS A PAGE’, you can’t tag people in a post, on your page or any other pages, you can however tag other pages. For example, if you were talking about another brand, or someone elses business you can tag them in that post. BUT only if you have liked their page first.

You can tag people in a picture, but only your friends.

The only place you can tag them is in a comment AFTER you’ve made the initial post… how strange!

So, if you want to tag someone, the best way to do so is to create your post, THEN comment with a tag.

BUT did you know you can only tag people either way if you’re using your page as yourself.. so if you want to use the tagging feature then don’t select the ‘use facebook as feature’. Instead, make sure you have ticked the ‘always comment and post as your page as xxx’ even when using ‘Facebook as xxx’ option. This can be found by going to Manage/Edit Page/ Your Settings.

So now, when you post on your business timeline you will automatically post as your business.

The only thing to remember is if you want to interact on other pages as your business, THEN switch over to your page by clicking manage/use facebook as.

I hope that helps. But feel free to ask more questions if you’re having trouble.

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