Top 10 Instagram Tips

Instagram is a fun way to stay in touch with your niche and get in front of your target audience. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and everything happens right on your smartphone. That makes it easy to do all your “Instagramming” on the run while you go about your busy day. You can work on growing your business through this popular app while you’re waiting at the office, in line at the grocery store, or even when you’re sitting in traffic.

While it is very easy to get started with Instagram, to make it work for marketing and see some measurable results, there are a few things you have to get right. Here are my top 10 tips for using Instagram to market your business.

Tip #1 – Use High-Quality Images

Instagram is very visual. If you don’t get the picture right, people will scroll right past it. Use good images to grab their attention.


Tip #2 – Post Niche Specific Content

It’s easy to run after the latest fad or idea to get more followers and increase your overall popularity. Don’t get off track. Stick to your niche and what your potential customers want to see, not the cute dog pictures that get you the most hearts.

Tip #3 – Use Hashtags in A Smart Way

Hashtags are a great way to connect content and help people find what they are looking for. Being specific helps you here as well.

Tip #4 – Encourage Your Audience And Customers To Post For You

You’ll grow your following much faster and increase your reach with a little help. Encourage your followers and particularly your customers to post for you. Encourage them to share pictures of how they use your products or services. Give them hashtags to use, and don’t forget to thank and reward them for their help.

Tip #5 – Use Your Profile And Profile Link Wisely

Your profile is important. Refer people to it and the link to click from your image captions. Change it as needed and make sure it’s always up- to-date.

Tip #6 – Use Instagram To Tell Your Story

We respond to and remembers stories much better than facts. Use our images to tell stories.

Tip #7 – Give Them A Reason To Click Through

Make a good offer and write a strong Call to action if you want them to click through to your site.

Tip #8 – Create And Track Easy Links

Create easy to remember and type links. Track how often they are clicked on from Instagram, so you know what works and what doesn’t.

Tip #9 – Do More Of What’s Working

Track your progress and analyze the posts that work well for you. Do more of that.

Tip #10 – Engage And Communicate With Your Future Customers Social media

– including Instagram isn’t just about getting out there in front of your target market. It’s about engaging with them. Encourage comments, pay attention to your followers’ posts and use Instagram as a two-way communication tool.

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