Top tips for creating better live content

Creating live content is something that most business owners won’t have much experience with. Live video even though it’s been around for a few years now, it’s not something

Fortunately, video content is not so new. If you’re used to creating content for YouTube, then largely this is going to be similar and you should find that the skills are transferrable.
But there are some differences and there are some best practices that will help a lot on a live video. Read on to find out what some of those are and to make sure you create the best videos possible for Facebook Live.
Ensure you have a good connection
This is something that you wouldnít have to worry about with a YouTube video but it is paramount when streaming live. Ideally, you should wait until you have a WiFi connection to ensure that your video will stream well and wonít be interrupted. Otherwise, aim for at least 4G.
Greet new viewers
As you are filming, new viewers will log in and find your content. A great tip is to welcome these new viewers by name and say hello. This really wakes them up and immediately shows off the power of live video for them. No longer are they passive viewers ñ now theyíre active participants and they can be seen by the creator of the video!
Structure your content lightly
In other words, donít just ramble on with no structure to what youíre saying. Make sure that your video has some kind of point and some kind of structure ñ such as an interview or a top 10 list. At the same time though, be flexible and free to react to your audience. People love feeling as though theyíre getting to know you and if you are too rigid and scripted then it may as well not be live!
Cater to viewers just coming in
When structuring your content, remember that very few people will have watched your content from start to finish. This means that your most important audience is probably the people who arrived after the start and wonít stay to the end. This is why itís a good idea to ensure that your content can be enjoyed from halfway through as well. Recap back occasionally and make sure that you keep everyone up-to-speed!

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