Top tips for driving traffic from Facebook

Just like any other platform, if you want to drive traffic from Facebook then you first need to have an understanding of the people that use Facebook. Remember that Facebook is a social media, people are on there to socialize and look at pictures of cats and dogs and kids, not buy your latest course! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t sell your products through Facebook.

You just need to think of your audiences’ current mindset and see how you can spin your link to appeal to them.

That's your first tip

Make sure that the link you are sharing with your Facebook fans is relevant to them at the time they are on Facebook. So instead of going for the direct sell you might choose to share some funny content instead, something to get them onto your site where you can sell to them or collect their email addresses to sell to them later. Timing is everything with this kind of marketing and you need to give them what they want now so that you can take their money later!

Make sure that your headline is absolutely killer

A lot of Facebook users not only click through purely based on the title (headline) that you use in your post, but also share and like it before even clicking through. Studies have shown that the title that you use makes a much bigger difference to whether people will click your link than the text surrounding the link. To create a good title you might want to take a look at the kind of things that Buzzfeed uses, they have got title creation down to an art!

The most important factor when it comes to driving traffic...

The most important factor when it comes to driving traffic from a post is the image that you use in your post. Make sure than the image is attractive but also relevant to the link that you are posting, this is because deceiving your audience can cause negative reactions.



you can go onto large pages and drop links in the comments. This might seem spammy but as long as the content that you are posting is related to the page your commenting on there isn’t an issue. The smarter and more subtle you can be with this kind of linking the better. What about just dropping the brand name so that people have to search for it themselves? Or a video? Use your imagination.

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