What happens if you end up in January with zero goals & zero plans?

Your Facebook feed is full of people giving it the ‘goal setting’ speech. Set your intentions, manifest your dreams….

And there’s you, staring blankly at your screen wondering what the f**k to do.

It’s normal. Don’t even think for one second it isn’t.

Running a business is bloody hard and we lose our way. OFTEN! The big coaches don’t like to tell you that though. They just like to brag about how money they made whilst sipping champaign on new year sitting by the pool in Dubai or whatever far out place they choose to show up and brag about. (Ok some are authentic – don’t beat me)

Anyway, back to the topic.

What happens if you come to your desk and haven’t the foggiest what you’re meant to be doing next?

Simple answer….


Simple as that.

  • Who is your ideal client? – write it out again
  • Focus on being visible – consistently
  • Go over old blogs you can post again, maybe re-write into a fresh version
  • Send that to your list (it’s what I’m doing after writing this)
  • Go back to this time last year, or a time last year you were busy, what posts got the most engagement? Do it again….
  • Join a fresh Facebook group full of your ideal clients to tap into a brand new audience – network girl!
  • What freebies can you re-launch?
  • What is the ONE thing your audience/clients know about you? Sell it!

So here’s my plan because I don’t have any real big goals.

I’ve had the shittest end to 2019 with the passing of my dad. Made half the amount of money I would normal. BUT I’m ok with that. I had to concentrate on ME, first and foremost and my family.

  1. Focus on being consistently visible – being real with my audience and sharing my journey good and bad with them. In fact I’ve already done that today. I’ve done a live in my group.
  2. Launch a challenge – in this case my Facebook live challenge (starts Monday – join my Facebook group for more info
  3. Joining someone elses challenge to a) refresh my skills and knowledge b) engage with a brand now audience
  4. Focus on growing my VIP Tech Angel Club

So there….. don’t just sit there doing NOTHING…. go back to the beginning, because it’s ok to do that.

Make sure you come and join my Facebook group to join in in my Facebook live challenge next week! This is perfect if you are scared to go live in your business, or just want to practice in a safe & supportive environment.

Listen to the podcast here

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