What to post on your Facebook page vs in your Facebook group

A great question I get asked ALL of the time! So I wanted to share my strategy with you of how I use them differently, but yet sometimes the same.

Facebook Page

I see my Facebook page is an extension to my Website, aside from my blog, it’s fairly static, so I use my Facebook page as a place to broadcast my offerings, my services, a place to demonstrate my knowledge by sharing articles, tips, and raise awareness of my business. It’s a place where I can be visible, and a place where I start warming up prospective clients.

Facebook Group

My Facebook group is a real community. It’s not all about me posting things, it’s a place for members to post too. It’s much more of a two way dialogue. Of course I still post similar (sometimes the same content as my page) but it’s less about what I can offer, it’s more about my knowledge, sharing my knowledge in a much more in-depth way.

So I’ll typically post questions, action based posts i.e getting members to interact with me. Asking them what’s going on in their world, what promotions THEY have. I use it as a space to help members grow their business.

So you can see straight away that Facebook pages are more about YOU, demonstrating YOUR skills, where a Facebook group is a community and becomes about how YOU can nurture and build relationships with your soul mate clients at a much more personal way.

Imagine your Facebook page is the shop window and your group is the inside of your shop….

If you’re struggling with what to post where, then comment on the blog post and we can work through it.

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