Why I love Asana! and why you should also be using it in your business

So you get an email from a client asking if you’ve seen the email they sent you, or actioned the task in the email…. before you know it, 4 emails later they’ve established you’ve received it and yes you’re indeed on track to completing what they’ve asked.

Before you know it your inbox is full of unnecessary emails, and tasks and disorganised chaos.

Sound familiar?

Well let me introduce you to Asana – THE best (in my opinion) Task and project management tool there is! oh and it’s FREE!

Why and what’s great about it?

Well first of all you can use it anywhere, on your desktop broswer or on your mobile phone/ipad. It’s free like I said you just need an internet connection.

It’s not super fancy, it’s super simple which is perfect if you struggle with technology.

So it’s structured like this


so essentially a workspace is a group of projects. As an example I have a workspace for the Tech Angel. Under that Workspace is a project for each of my clients.

You may want a workspace for each client – or you might want a workspace for your own business with multiple projects such as sales, marketing, finance.. just an example 🙂


Your Projects are just that, a project where you’ll have a task list.

For example I have a project per client and then tasks assigned to the client




As mentioned previously, in your projects you’ll have a task list. You can assign these tasks to various team members, add tags, add files, add notes, conversations, and deadlines.

What I really love about Asana is that you can invite members to collaborate on your projects, so you could invite your clients, or workmates or associates.

Another cool feature is being able to email tasks and projects. So for example, if a client emails you with a task request. You can forward that email right into a project or even a task. It will create the task for you, or simply add it onto a current task, so there’s no need to go from your email and copy it over into asana. Pretty neat if you ask me!


Find out more at www.asana.com

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