Every day I work with coaches who love delivering coaching programmes to their clients. These days it’s a lot easier to deliver your coaching advice to many people at one time instead of on a one to one basis.

Why not? You get to help more people achieve their goals and not to mention make even more money.

However, most of them, especially if they’re relatively new coaches, think they need to sign up to a pricey coaching platform (Jigsaw Box to name just one) to deliver their modules. Don’t get me wrong, they are fab! but to be completely honest, in my opinion, if you don’t need to pay that ongoing monthly fee then why should you?

Here’s my advice:

Deliver your coaching programme using a WordPress Site & a membership plugin such as WP eMember

Yes ok you’ll have to pay the initial outlay of getting it setup (unless you want to do it yourself then I have a course showing you how). But once it’s done, you just run it time after time with no ongoing monthly fees.

If you’re a coach and want to discuss this further then please feel free to contact me on admin@kellycairns.co.uk


Disclaimer: Jigsawbox is a fab platform so if you’re happy with it, stick with it. This post is just an alternative solution to your coaching needs 

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