Why your business needs a signature programme/product and what is one anyway?

You’ve probably heard the term ‘signature product’ tons of times! Maybe you know what it is, but have no clue what yours could be, or maybe you’ve never heard of it before and have NO idea what it is. Either way I’ll explain everything shortly.

But in my opinion, every business should have one! WHY? This is your bread and butter, this is the ONE THING your are known for! This is the thing that above all else you don’t have any issues telling people about, it’s the keystone offering you would recommend to just about anyone if they could buy one thing from you.

For example, mine is my Build Your Online Biz Community Membership. This covers everything my soul mate clients need, and is the stepping stone to working with me. Something that brings me recurring income month after month, and something I sell every single day. My signature offering.

So why do you need one?

Number #1 More income

Your signature programme will allow you to make more money, especially if it’s something like a membership programme, this will allow you to bring in a regular income without re-inventing the wheel every time. Even when you’re not selling products or courses or have nothing else to launch, you always have your signature programme.

Number #2 No more feast or famine

If you have a signature programme, you always have something to sell. You don’t have to be twiddling your thumbs thinking ‘what on earth can I create to generate income’ You always have your signature programme / product to sell time and time again.

Number #3 No more working for time = money 100% of the time

When I started my business 11 years ago, I was a VA (Virtual Assistant). My business model was selling my time for money. There was no capacity to grow. I would only work and get paid for the hours I did.  Well, that’s not sustainable! That’s not a good business model. There’s only a certain amount of hours in the day anyone can work, then you have to eat, you have to sort out the family/kids/dogs/cats…etc… You have to sleep, you have to plan, you have to market yourself, you have to reply to emails and do your own admin… and all that is not leaving a lot of time for actual paid client work.

So, if you have a signature programme/Product you can create and offer time and time again without a lot of input, that allows you for growth, that allows you to step up as the expert and allows you to generate an amazing passive income with minimal time.

Number #4 People will see you as the expert

So, I mentioned it above… having a signature programme, having one thing that people know you for will immediately catapult you as the go to person, the expert. If you’re networking in Facebook groups for example and say you’re a personal trainer with an online programme you can do from home.. if someone is asking in a group about this, and you’ve networked and people know you for it, then you will be the person that people will point to. So for me, I’ve networked a lot in online groups, and now I get tagged a lot of the time for my membership club. This is the first place people come to for affordable support. They might decide to work with me on other things, but this is the first thing I suggest they look at.

My signature programme.

Do you have a signature programme?

Do you struggle to create a signature programme?

Let me know below….

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