With thanks to “that” journalist

One day I was really bored (two kids under three and bored??? ha that’s funny!). They were both asleep and I had some time to kill, so I started reading the news, for some strange reason there was nothing of interest in the news that day so I started going through the archives of the BBC website and stumbled across a wonderful article in the Business section.

You can view the article in full by following the link provided (it’s the header if you’re still looking! ;o) ) but I’ll quote some sentences to give you a little taster…

“VA”s work from home, offering services for businesses which might not have enough work to justify employing their own full-time administrative staff” Now this is good! I thought to myself, a lot of businesses are struggling at the moment with the ever increasing costs so i thought I could cut down their overheads and provide them with their very own assistant, but only when they need to. There’s no ongoing weekly/annual salary to pay, no sick or maternity leave to pay, all they pay for is ME! well the work I do anyway. how good is that?

“You can work to your own timetable,”
“You don’t have to be in at nine o’clock and leave at five. If it’s a lovely day you can sit in the garden and do the work in the evening.”
Now this is the bit I loved! childcare costs are enormous and with two children to pay for at a private nursery, having the flexibility to work from home, at weekends, during the evening would be ideal for us all. It would not just be of benefit to me though, my potential clients might prefer the flexibility of my hours, knowing that I’m available out of the “normal” office hours might be appealing.

“If a businessman can be out of the office doing something he actually wants during the day, knowing his VA will be there to talk to him in the evening if he wants, it will make a great deal of difference to everyone’s lifestyle.” Exactly my way of thinking!

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