It is all worth it you know

I often get asked, ‘how do you measure your success?‘, I often ask myself (sometimes doubt myself too) ‘How do I know I’m doing a good job?’, “Doing alright?’

My answer is always the same, if my clients are happy then I’m a success. That’s everyones aim right? It’s not about how healthy your bank balance is. If that was your only motivation you would fall flat on your face one day. Trust me.

Back in the day when I first thought about working from home, starting a business, my main objective was to bring in extra income (since childcare was so expensive), share my skills to multiple people be able to take my kids to and from school.

4 years on, those objectives are still the same but there’s more fire in my belly these days. My passion for the work that I do far outweighs the financial benefits (although money is nice to have!). When my clients tweet and tell me that they value what I do, when I get an email to say ‘thank you’, when someone over in the US Tweets and tells people ‘I’m the bomb’ ;), or when a prospective client calls me to ask for work to be done because someone I hadn’t even worked with had recommended me.

I feel so proud of my achievements, how far I’ve come, how far I’ve grown.

Ok, I’ve made mistakes. Haven’t we all? ( I continue to learn and grown every day) Mistakes made are mainly by working with clients that don’t fit my business, in the early days I wanted as much work as I could and I would say yes to everything, made some bad decisions and worked with people that I didn’t really like, didn’t enjoy working with. Maybe those are not mistakes, maybe those steps in my path were just a moulding me, getting me to a place where I wanted to be? who knows.

These days I do put more thought into the people I want to work with, people who share the same values as me, people who I genuinely can and want to help. It’s just as important for me to believe in my clients business as much as it is to believe in my own. Otherwise it would be so hard to get up in the morning.

Why the post?

Well this morning I got a lovely gift from one of my fabby clients (they are all amazing!).

It was a signed book by the lovely Sue Atkins. Her new book Parenting Made Easy – How to Raise Happy Children is out next week (you can pre-order on Amazon!).

I just LOVE new crispy shiny books!

So I thought ahhh I’ll sit and read it, over coffee after lunch.

Look at this:

I was so shocked! Overwhelmed isn’t the word.

This is why I do what I do! because the people I work with make it so easy.

Love you all lots!!!

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